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AC Market: Download Cracked Apps, Games & Mods (Updated 2021)

AC Market – Good news folks! Your search for the most interesting applications ends here. Start browsing through our website and you will find the solution to your App needs. We have the motherload of information wealth right here. So, you own a smartphone but have your hands tied with costly App downloads on Google Play Store. Or, you might have patched, cracked or modded apps.


Look no further as AC Market happens to be one of the best places to download those apps for free. For this reason, AC Market is also frequently called as an ‘Alternate Play Store’ or ‘Unofficial Store.’ Furthermore, the applications found here can be tailored to suit your personal requirements. The good news continues to rain. It has no evil eye focused on your pocket. In what can only be called a coup, all kinds of PREMIUM apps, videos, games and music can be downloaded here for FREE.

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Why AC Market?

It goes without saying, this is the question of the hour. But, put your tornado of thoughts at ease. At AC Market, users can download many cracked premium applications FREE of cost using supported devices. Your phone and other devices are now not a mere convenience. They are much more. Use this and find out for yourselves the magical door to the world of fascinating curiosities.

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Unlimited Downloads

With ACMarket at your convenience, it is possible for users to download any number of applications with ease. This happens without any untoward trouble or interruption. AC Market covers almost all of the applications existing for your preoccupation. Download as many as you can manage to use. 

ac market pro

Pro Version Support

Making our work easier, ACMarket comes with a pro version support. Every user visiting the app can make good use of this feature available in its in-app menu.

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Apps Manager

Just like mobile phones have a File Manager, AC Market also comes with a similar feature. Now, users can easily focus on their purpose instead of wading through a quagmire of clutter. However, with ACMarket, the download information is tracked. This in turn helps to install apps.

ACMarket Review

By: Karthik Nani (Gamer & Tech Lover)


Friends, this is the story of my love for getting more out of my device as well as time. Without any hesitation, I agree that I am an avid gamer. Since the time I can remember, playing games at Bitcoin Casinos was something I enjoyed. This led me to continually search for new games online. To play these games I put in a lot of money on premium packages. This has proved to be a dampener on my overall experience. I want to continue playing, but it has become more and more difficult to afford the package amount.

abishai karthik

While I was struggling with this dilemma, a good friend of mine suggested AC Market, which is a platform to download apps for free. Initially, I was skeptical over trying the app. My mind threw a cascade of questions at me. Still, the gamer inside me wanted to explore this promising option. After some thought, I decided to try it out. Immediately, with the decision made, I downloaded the apk file and successfully installed the app. Once I began downloading the apps from AC Market, I must say with confidence the experience was astounding. Very soon, I got pleasantly hooked to the delightful features of the ACMarket. As a gamer, it is with assurance that I can say, the AC Market is really the only place where apps and games can be downloaded for fun. It also comes as a boon for users who want to download the applications as per their requirement while continuing to use premium packages which they cannot afford otherwise.

Evaluation Methodology

As a dedicated technology user, you can consider me a good judge of this exhilarating find. ACMarket apk has been installed and in use on my device. At no cost burden on me, I have now downloaded some of the highly famous hacked apks and premium apps. I checked every category within the app to get the complete picture about what they offer. I am very grateful that this app does not push any malware or virus into the device. With all of this established, I evaluated the apk for performance and efficiency.

acmarket certified and evaluated

AcMarket Features

acmarket friendly
User Friendly
AC Market has come with a phenomenal and a user friendly working interface.
acmarket speed
Super Speed
The AC Market application works fast and is considered as one of the most responsive apps. The download speed of applications from the AC Market is admirable.
acmarket community
Warm Community
Any queries or doubts related to AC Market will be sorted with the help of AC Market community.
acmarket features
acmarket security
The security at the AC Market is at its best as each and every patched application is checked or is tested before making them available in the application.
acmarket rating
Awesome Rating
AC Market has got an amazing rating as it has never got any negative reviews till date.
ac market worldwide
World Wide
AC Market can be accessed in 30+ different languages, this makes AC Market available throughout the globe.

How To Install AC Market Apk?

(Android | iOS | Windows). Dear user, here are your detailed instructions.

AC Market for Android

ac market android
  1. Download AC Market Apk from our site
  2. Open Menu Settings Security.
  3. Turn on ‘Allow app installations from unknown sources’ option.
  4. Open file manager, select the downloaded apk file and click on it.
  5. Click on the ‘Install’ button.

AC Market for iOS

  1. Jailbreak your iOS device to install ac market for iPhone.
  2. Download AC Market Apk from our site.
  3. Go to Settings Apps and accept the security certificate.
  4. Open the downloaded APK file.
  5. Click the installation button.

AC Market for PC

  1. Download AC Market Apk from our site.
  2. Now, open and install BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows PC and install the .exe file.
  3. Go to the APK section and upload the downloaded file.
  4. Click install to use the app within 5 minutes.

AC Market: Complete Guide On ACMarket (Updated 2021)​



  1. What is Ac Market

  2. Features of Ac Market 

  3. Need for the AcMarket

  4. Versions of AcMarket


  1. Basic requirements to download ACMarket

  2. ACMarket on Android

  3. ACMarket on iOS

  4. ACMarket on Windows


  1. Advantages of ACMarket

  2. Disadvantages of ACMarket

  3. Languages supported by ACMarket

  4. Additional features of ACMarket


  1. How to use Ac Market

  2. Create Account

  3. How to delete Ac Market



  1. Is Ac Market Legal?          

  2. Does ACMarket affect the device performance?

  3. User experience with Ac Market       


  1. All about Ac Market

  2. Best Alternatives of ACMarket        


Welcome dear friends, this is Karthik, here to help you navigate through the details of AC Market. It may require a brief introduction, but once you’re hooked like me, it is all you can think about. ACMarket is the #1 Play Store Alternative that is available for you at your fingertips. I have meticulously developed an easy guide for the same. This site is a complete guide on ACMarket APK put together after thorough research, combined with my own experience. I have used it with much excitement, having spent many happy hours on the new age market place. Shopping for applications was never this fun. Technology truly blows our mind every day. Anything you want to know about ACMarket is available on this site. I also created a Detailed PDF on ACMarket here. FREE Download Now.


What is AC Market? | How to Download & Install AC Market For Android, iOS & PC? | (Acmarket video)




What is AC Market ?


AC Market is an ultimate standby application for the prominent Google Play Store. This prevailing application enables users to download innumerous free and premium Software and games that are vastly available and accessible.
It is the happening one-stop app library that can be employed on any operating system at the user convenience. 
Unlike any other store, a user can get the most out of it through its wide range of applications. As ACMarket APK provides all its software and games without charging even a penny, it has a dib for its annual ad-free subscription. 
It consists of modded game versions, premium application features, tweaked apps, and a knack to customize.
AC Market is an official site that provides all its support and services allowably.


Features of AC Market


The store provides unique and overwhelming features that astound its users and also benefit them. The following are the eminent features granted by the AC Market.
It is its enormous features and advantages bestowed by the AC Market APK that has made it the best alternative app store popularly featuring.
The best of its features are:


  1. Feasible to the user: It is an easily manageable platform with a lively UI.
  2. Overall free store: It is FREE and allows you to download any number of modded games, apps, premium software at absolute NO COST.
  3. High-speed downloads: Not only the APK is Free but also it has a high-speed download rate while downloading either a single app or multiple apps at once.
  4. Low Latency: It has the least latency, said, time delay with a highly responsive interface.
  5. Wide accessibility: Can download any application at any time and anywhere. It has greatly accessible apps in a huge range of availability.
  6. Supports un-rooted devices: The APK can be downloaded and installed on any un-rooted device and it doesn’t affect the device’s performance by any chance.
  7. Inbuilt cleaner: AC Market has an inbuilt file and cache cleaner that helps to remove unnecessary files and frees up the storage place.
  8. Firm and Authentic: It is a robust platform and an authentic app store that is reliable to download and use.
  9. Multiple language assistance: AC Market has more than 20 international languages embedded to help the users in understanding and managing the app.
  10. Ad-free Annual Subscription: For its plenty of ads, the app store has a subscription plan for a year at a low cost that will let users enjoy the features without any annoying ads.
  11. Provides accurate recommendations: The app store gives the best app suggestions for its users who have downloaded some apps. It uses Machine Learning technology to provide the user with needed recommendations.
  12. Legit source: It is 100% legal to use the AC Market and downloading it from the official site is advisable to avoid any other duplicate or threatful APK’s.
  13. Compatibility: The store doesn’t disappoint any OS users. Supports Android, iOS and Windows.
  14. Customization: It has a highly customizable interface and various themes and choices to make it look as you like.
  15. Warm community: It has a large community of users and developers who share excellent features and help each other with any issues of the APK.
  16. Winsome interface: The UI of the APK is super interactive and wins the race in having it from the other app stores. 
  17. Risk-free Installation: AC Market APK is a risk-free app store to be installed on any device with trust.
  18. Frequent updates: It has daily updates to keep the app store up-to-date.
  19. Active support system: The users can post their queries anytime in the app store and its support system gives a rapid response.
  20. Virus scanner: The built-in virus scanner protects the device from malware, threats or viruses trying to enter into the device.
The team at developed an interesting infographic on AC Market Features, please check here or below:



Need for the AC Market


No wonder why to use ACMarket APK. AC Market is for all the users who want easy installation of third-party applications, premium Software and games for a free ride. It can be downloaded in the APK format from its official site and deployed on your device. It gives you access to all the android apps in their cracked version. 
Users who are enthusiastic gamers and fancy the paid applications on the Play store must experience the features of AC Market.


Versions of AC Market


AC Market released its new version in June 2021. Its specifications are given as follows:
ACMarket App
Last Update:
June 1st 2021
34.2 MB
App Store
Android 4.3 and above
Root Required:
More than 20 global languages
This APK has compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows.
The older versions of ACMarket have been updated with distinct features over time and had a massive increase in its downloads.
Its few of the older versions and specification are:




Size:4.7 MB7.1 MB2.6 MB4.8 MB30.88 MB23.9 MB
Requirements:   Android 4.0 and aboveAndroid 4.3 and aboveAndroid 4.3 and above
User ratings:
To the beginners, ACMarket even supports its liter version called ACMarket Lite of size 16 MB that supports Android version from 4.3.




Basic Requirements to Download AC Market


ACMarket has some basic requirements to be fulfilled to support its APK on your device. They are given as follows:

  1. Good Internet connection: Having a good internet connection will let you experience a smooth and pleasant usage of the application.
  2. Storage space: It is necessary to have a minimum of 52 MB free space on your device to install the app store and require even more space in case of downloading various applications or games from the store.
  3. Enable the required permissions: Make sure to enable the downloads from unknown sources to install ACMarket on your device. Allow all the required permissions needed for the app to deploy.
  4. An android device from version 4.3 till the latest version: From the ACMarket Lite version, the application can be installed and used on the android devices that have versions from 4.3. It is advisable to install on the latest Android versions that enable you to have smooth interaction.
  5. RAM greater than 4 GB: The higher the RAM, the marvellous gaming experience.
  6. Android emulator for iOS or Windows OS: In case, one wants to install ACMarket on something other than android OS, they must install an Android emulator which helps them to install an android and other third-party apps. Some of the suggestions will be Bluestacks, LDPlayer, NOXPlayer, etc.
ACMarket does not require rooting of the device, so it does not access sensitive data of our device storage without permission.




Ac market APK can be downloaded with the latest version individually for each . 

AC Market for Android


One can install the APK for an android from its official website. Follow the below instructions to download and install the app store.
  1. Go to the official website of ACMarket,
  2. Ensure you have a minimum of 50 MB storage on your device.
  3. Click on the download file from the website, which will start downloading the APK file.
  4. Open the ACMarket APK and follow its instructions to install it on the device.
  5. Enable downloads from unknown sources in Settings.
  6. Allow all the required permissions for the app to be deployed on the device.
  7. After exploiting the ACMarket Android application tour the excellent features of the app store and download a variety of modded apps without charge.

AC Market for iOS


ACMarket is a top-notch application that allows even iOS users to download and experience third-party applications.
  1. Open Safari browser and go to the official website of ACMarket and click on the Download file.
  2. Ensure to jailbreak your device, either iPhone or iPad.
  3. After the app gets installed, go to Settings and allow required permissions for the app to deploy.
  4. Load the APK by opening it and add it to your device’s home screen. Repeated.
  5. ACMarket iOS app provides the same features for the user as it is on Android.

AC Market for Windows


Too good to be true, ACMarket doesn’t disappoint any OS users and cherishes their love for charge less games and apps.
Download and install ACMarket on Windows as follows:
  1. ACMarket primarily runs on Android OS but can be installed on Windows on top of the Android Emulator.
  2. Firstly, download an Android emulator on Windows that creates a virtual environment of Android OS. Some of the popular emulators are NOX, BlueStacks, LDPlayer etc.
  3. Open the emulator and go to the ACMarket’s official website  and download the APK file.
  4. Same as your android mobile phone, follow the instructions for the AC Market Windows app to get installed.
  5. Give the required permissions and deploy the app.
  6. Open the app, login or Sign Up to the ACMarket store and enjoy its benefits.
Download the App store for your appropriate OS and follow the above guidelines.




Advantages of AC Market


ACMarket offers incredible features for its supremacy. Some of its exciting advantages are:
  1. Extremely available: The APK is overall free to access and avail of the modded apps and games.
  2. Built-in cleaner and virus scanner: It has a built-in file cleanser and a virus scanner that will shield itself and the device from virus threats.
  3. Available for any OS. i.e., Android, Windows or iOS.
  4. ACMarket doesn’t require a rooted device.
  5. It supports both the PRO version and the lite version.
  6. It has daily updates and an active support system for its users.
  7. It is a safe alternative to the Play Store and thus is reliable.
  8. It has a winning user-friendly interface with a choice of customizations.
ACMarket has even more splendid advantages one can involve. It releases its updates and versions to open the doors for innovative features.




Notwithstanding its the best alternative app store, it has few limitations to be noticed.
  1. The utmost demerit to the APK is its advertisements. ACMarket plays numerous ads just before viewing the apps that irks the users.
  2. It asks to enable some permissions before getting installed on the device.
  3. You cannot download it from Google Play Store or any other app store. 


Additional Features of AC Market


With its improving updates, ACMarket holds out stunning features to its users that will go on increasing with time.
Its additional features with the new updates are:
  1. Warm Community: Its users and the developers in the community support and share the benefits and issues related to the APK.
  2. High-Speed Downloads: Not only the store provides free modded apps but also downloads them at higher speeds than the other app stores.
  3. Immune to Threats: The APK is firm and offers an inbuilt virus scanner and cleaner. That makes it robust and resistant to external harmful threats or malware.
  4. It assures the users by unaffecting the device’s performance on which it’s been installed.
  5. Ad-free annual subscription: Due to its major disadvantage of having plenty of ads, it gives the users a choice to Ad-free subscription. That allows the users to explore the app store without battling exasperating ads.
  6. It supports different languages with an exciting user interface that can be easily customized
The latest versions and daily updates come up with more startling features to excite its users.


Languages Supported


The application supports international languages that are more than 36. It has French as its default language. Users can change the language in the settings to English, an internationally communicated language followed by German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and other languages.
It has been increasing its user base by providing excellent features and support to various regions in their language.




How to use AC Market?


Though it is easy to use ACMarket, knowing the interface and features helps you get the most benefit.
  1. Load the APK after installation.
  2. Allow the permissions such as access to photos, media, file, and phone calls.
  3. Believe that AC Market is risk-free.
  4. Add its icon on your home screen for easy access.
  5. Make sure to have enough storage to download apps or games from the store.
  6. Create an account in the app store to keep your history and details.


How to create an account in AC Market


It is easier to create an account in the app store very much like other app stores.

  1. Click on the navigator present on the left side in the UI.
  2. Click on ‘Login’. That will prompt the Login and Sign Up page.
  3. If you are a new user, you can sign up either through your google account or Facebook.
  4. You can also give your email id to set your account.
  5. Give a nickname of yours after logging in.
  6. Choose your county, gender and age.
  7. Edit your avatar and play with the combinations.
  8. Finally, set a strong password for your account in the range of 6-32 characters.

How to delete AC Market?


The users who want to delete the APK due to some reasons can delete the application either from their file manager or downloaded files.
To keep your history and account as it is, you can log out from the app store and can uninstall it from your device.




The errors encountered while installing the app or using it can be resolved surely.
  1. Clear the cache in the Settings of the app
  2. Reset the app preferences
  3. Check the basic requirements for the app.
  4. Enable downloads from unknown sources
  5. Give access to the files and other permissions
  6. Run built-in files cleaner and a virus scanner in the store
  7. Delete unwanted data from the device
  8. Reboot the device and try opening the file
  9. In the case that the app still gives you an error, delete the file and install the file from the official site
  10.  For MAC or Windows, download a reliable android emulator and follow the instructions to install the ACMarket APK.



Is AC Market Legal?


Not only does the ACMarket provide free modded apps and games, but it is also a legit platform and the best alternative to Google Play Store.
Many of its users claim that they are thrilled to use this APK and its features.
The APK downloaded from the official or legitimate site is completely safe to use.


Does AC Market Affect the Device Performance?


Absolutely NO! ACMarket uses the least storage space and OS utilization. So this certainly doesn’t affect your device performance if downloaded by following proper instructions.
The built-in virus scanner actually helps your device to resist any malware or threats trying to enter into your device.


User Experience with AC Market


This APK has been loved by many users who have experienced its FREE Premium apps and games with the best features.




All about AC Market


In the end, for all those binge-gamers, get the APK, experience the feeling of playing premium games and using pricing apps for FREE.
AC Market is absolutely a reliable app store that anyone can download and benefit from their services and apps. It promises the best user interactive and user manageable interface with an all-time support system and upgrading features.


Best Alternative of AC Market


For the ultimate app store, some other best ACMarket alternatives can be checked out. They are given as follows:
  1. PandaHelper: This app store can be directly downloaded on Android and iOS, but it collects users’ data into their servers. So it is one choice to download and give access to the device. It has authentic and cracked apps and deals with errors of jailbreaking on iOS.
  2. AppVN: It is another ACMarket alternative with a wide range of catagories such as ebooks, premium apps, films, themes and wallpapers, cracked apps and many more. It is the least in size and has Vietnamese as its official language.
  3. Aptoide: It is the same as other alternatives with its features except that aptoide requires rooting and permissions of the device to install and use it. Yet, it is officially acknowledged as the safest alternative app store for its security by Security researchers.
  4. App Brain: It is the best app store for app developers and users for earning. It has two main services, i.e., Promotion that works on pay-per-install policy and Monetization for publishing app through App Brain brand and banners. It has a dashboard displaying users activity and published apps, features like remote settings, in-app cloud alerts and conversion event tracking with more than 70% of free apps. It has an interface to browse, advertise and update the apps.
  5. CokerNutX – For iOS, it is a top-choice alternative for an app store. It offers more than 5000 tweaked apps without jailbreaking in iOS. It supports most iOS devices and the safest app to be installed. It also supports Android devices which can be right away downloaded as an APK. The only disadvantage is that it has advertisements often. And its developers provide support to its users through Twitter.
  6. F-Droid: This app has been inspired by Aptoide. It is a free and open-source application that provides applications and software built from sources. It is a safe application except its developers claim that a user can install it at his own risk. F-Droid supports android and iOS devices but installing it on iOS may breach the policies of the device and possibly be threatful. Its developer’s community is run by user’s donations.
  7. BlackMart Alpha: The popular app store alternative gives many apps and games for free. It is a flexible app to be run on Android and iOS. It is said that downloading any malicious apps may infect the device with a virus. So, to overcome this, install a third-party virus scanner app to clean the app frequently.
  8. Amazon AppStore: This app exists on all Amazon fire devices. It provides most of the apps and games for free and some with discounts. There is no difference between the Amazon AppStore and Google play store. It is a 100% legit platform with numerous features and has more than 6 million apps. It is the app store for the users with Amazon devices and who believe in their services.
  9. GetJar: GetJar is the first app store developed before the Apple’s App Store and other popular app stores. It has a variety of applications for free in games, books, music, video, cracked apps, etc. GetJar allows its users and developers to publish new apps that will be tested and graded by students and developers in its community.
These alternatives give their unique features and dazzle the users with their services and modded apps, games and software.

Ac Market FAQ

You bet! It is completely free. The AC Market APK file is available to download without a single cent charged to you. The jingle in your wallet is for your keeps.

AC Market comes with the guarantee of an absolute safe experience. You can download applications safely as the website’s high speed secure server allows for a smooth downloading process. There is nothing stopping you from your gaming fun. 

First and foremost, AC Market’s primary focus is on Android users. Still, that is not all. It also supports other operating systems such as Windows and iOS. 

No indeed. It doesn’t ruin your device but AC Market APK should be downloaded from the official website to ensure that it is risk-free and protects the phone from external malware and threats.

You have to first install an Android emulator on iOS and then install ACMarket just as installing on any android mobile.

If you use a Blackberry device, downloading the APK of AC Market is no different from that of an Android mobile. Users can simply follow the same steps. However, if the device version of your Blackberry is 10.11 or above, it is possible to download the APK file directly from our website. Just follow the instructions to install the file. 

Using AC Market, the user has the freedom to perform an unlimited number of downloads. Here, one does not need a special subscription to download applications. Considering that the available applications are already cracked premium ones, there are no specific restrictions placed on downloads and their limit. You can aim for the horizon and keep going until you drop. 

AC Market has Instagram++ and also has other modded applications in cracked versions.

It is not necessary for users to root their devices to download and install the AC Market APK. The application inherently provides various emulators that support Android devices. Hence, no external emulators or rooting is required. Users have the best available for them. 

Use this link – to download ACMarket on your device based on the OS. This is a legit one and doesn’t cause any trouble while installing when followed with proper instructions.

AC Market Apk Screenshots


I am a great fan of ACMarket. With its outstanding applications, I am able to enjoy top ranking ac market games and apps for zero cost. Highly Recommended.
ACMarket is the best alternative for Google Play Store. I am a regular user to enjoy all paid apps and games for free. I just simply love it.
I am a long time user of this Google play store alternative. I use Acmarket pc and Android device as well. I don’t need any alternative other than ACMarket.

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Popular App Games From AC Market

Check out the most popular and downloaded apps & games from AC Market here.

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