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30+ Alternative Apps For AC Market (FREE Download Now)

ACMarket is a free mobile app that serves as apps and games providing platform for the Android and IOS devices.

Most of the games and apps available here are cracked or hacked versions (download acmarket here), which means the apps are free even if the official version of the app or game comes at a premium price.

This platform allows you to do anything with hacked and tweaked versions of games and gives you an unforgettable experience.

Apart from ACMarket, there are several other similar platforms from where users can download premium apps for free.

In this article, we mentioned 30 alternative apps for ACMarket,check here and Let’s get started:

(1) Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong (acmarket alternative)

Kuaiyong is a software alternative to acmarket that allows you to download premium apps on any iOS device without paying a single penny. 

After the launch of Apple iOS version 9.2, vShare, AppAddict and Kuaiyong these three are the most favorite and downloaded apps by millions of users.

The main reason behind the popularity of Kuaiyong is, it allows the user to download and install several free and cracked apps in their iDevices.

(2) Appcake

Appcake (acmarket alternative)

Appcake (acmarket alternative) is one of the most popular and highly admired third-party iOS repositories, and it has gained a loyal user base in less span. 

It is good to a large user base because it is a third-party app store. This store offers users to download and install cracked IPA files. 

All these apps are available at zero cost and only available for IOS devices, which are jailbroken. 

Top 20 apps are updated every week so that users will get the latest apps on their mobile phone.

(3) HiPStore

HiPStore (acmarket alternative)

HipStore (acmarket alternative) is an app providing platform that is compatible for both Android, iOS devices and offer users the opportunity to install premium apps for iOS, Android without spending money. 

iOS users extensively use this platform to download paid apps for free and it does not require any jailbreaking process. 

It offers more than one million applications from popular app developers, and all these apps are regularly updated.

(4) TweakBox

TweakBox (acmarket alternative)

TweakBox (acmarket alternative) is an excellent app installing application that allows its users to get access to a huge number of applications. 

The user interface of this app is very easy, select the category of applications you like, and install the apps you want. 

TweakBox is one of the extensively used applications that includes one of the biggest libraries of working applications by providing a vast range of different categories to select from.

(5) vShare

vShare (acmarket alternative)

vShare (acmarket alternative) is an app providing platform that is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.  

This is the best alternative for the Apple Store and Android Market. It offers users expert recommendations based on their preferences, searches, and local trending.

It will help you by offering some of the magnificent elaborated wallpapers to make your Android and Apple Devices look cooler than before.

(6) App Tracker

App Tracker (acmarket alternative)

App Tracker (acmarket alternative) is considered as one of the best tool introduced by Nolan Lawson that helps you resist and operate your mobile phone applications in the most easy and intelligent way. 

This extraordinary app shows a list of four applications icons sorted by recently used, rarely used, mostly used, recently updated and the trending apps of the week, etc. 

App Tracker comprises of a standalone application displaying your whole application usage history in the most reasonable way.

(7) AppValley

AppValley (acmarket alternative)

AppValley (acmarket alternative) is perfect place for users of smartphones, as well as tablets, can install this app and download hacked or modified applications. 

IAppValley VIP App Store improves the facility of getting mobile phone internal stuff with ease. 

You can easily access hundreds of tweaked apps for free. It is a superb third-party App Store for mobile users which are working immensely amazing for providing such a class.

(8) PandaApp

PandaApp (acmarket alternative)

If you are in search for third-party app stores, then PandaApp (acmarket alternative) is one of the perfect places for you. 

The interface of this app is very easy to use and choice of games they offer at PandaApp is a great asset for them. You can find your preferred app in no time. All you need to do is search, click and let it install. 

This app is simple to use, and it is handy for someone who knows that, their computer is perfectly suitable to install ipa files.

(9) iFunBox

iFunBox (acmarket alternative)

iFunBox (acmarket alternative) is a software which can be installed in your computer and it is available for both Mac and PC. 

This software enables to get the file list of a linked (aka, physically connected to your computer by the charging cable) iPhone, iPad, or iPod. 

iFunBox is similar like a file manager, and it allows the user to copy, backup, or share apps that are present on the device. 

Using this software, you can use your iPhone as a USB storage device. 

(10) AppTrackr

AppTrackr (acmarket alternative)

AppTracker is a website that offers its users free cracked iOS applications for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. 

AppTracker is very contentious because prior to this it is used as a tool to test iOS applications before purchasing them through the AppStore

AppTracker offer its service to users who are okay with jailbreaking their devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. 

So it is just another way to test the AppStore Apps before buying them. AppTracker is the smoothest and secured way to get free apps, games and much more stuff other than apps.

(11) (acmarket alternative) is a to install various amazing apps on your smartphone. So if you are a gamer interested in playing games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod then it is not necessary to spend additional money to purchase the complete version of games. 

Check also offers you many new wallpapers, ringtones, themes, and games. The installation process of IPA files is very easy. it just takes a few seconds to complete the installation, and you are all set to experience the amazing gameplay. will offer complete content in several categories without missing any information. Few categories from are adventure, action, strategy, RPG, and much more.

(12) Cydia

Cydia (acmarket alternative)

Cydia is a productive and globally recommenced substitute or similar app to Apple’s App Store for all the jailbroken devices and it also comprises of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and so on, all these apps are modified and made ready to use by the Jay Freeman. 

Cydia is expertise in the allocation of all the stuff that is not an app. Cydia app is not available over the App Store of Apple devices nor is it a website where you can access this tool.

(13) AppEven

AppEven (acmarket alternative)

AppEven is a perfect platform third-party apps that allows its users to download and install all the popular apps trending in the market and few unavailable apps which are cant be found at regular app store of iOS devices. 

App Even doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device first and is completely simple to install as well. 

It is compatible with IOS version like iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 11, iOS 12 devices. If you are still using a device that has an older version of iOS, then you device does not support the installation of this app. It is effective, and easy to set up software-distribution client for your mobile device.

(14) Mevvy

Mevvy (acmarket alternative)

Mevvy acts a s searching channel to find free apps. The initial advantage of using this app is that it is multipurpose platform, and it can be used by iOS, Blackberry, Windows OS, and Mac OS X to install some amazing featured and paid apps for free. 

Mevvy is also helpful I downloading free extensions and ad-ones, beside apps and games. The main motto of of Mevvy is to make the world a better place for users, apps, and developers. 

(15) Zestia

Zestia (acmarket alternative)

Zestia is the most updated, with easy to use interface, and undoubtedly the best non-jailbreak iOS app assistant out there in the market. 

You can install Zestia Step app without paying even a penny to get the most advanced, private, secure, and sleek app assistant for iOS devices. 

The process to install this app is very simple and to use this one need to jailbreak his/her iOS smartphones.  

(16) iNuclearApp

iNuclearApp (acmarket alternative)

iNuclearApp is an excellent platform to download the highest rated virtual iPhone applications for free. 

INuclearApp is a perfect tool which solely brings together the new and an ultimate way to run featured games on iOS and Android.  

This app brings most instinctive usages and comes convincingly with the Hexbreak store as well as the iNuclear Store. 

iNuclear Store comprises of an extensive gaming list and several other applications of your choices, and you can choose whatever you want from the app list with ease.

(17) 25pp

 25pp (acmarket alternative)

25PP is one the best app store like Installous, AppCake, and vShare but it is quite different from all of them in its own way. 

There are few new apps part of this app store which cannot be downloaded from any other platform. The only flaw of 25PP is that it is still not translated completely into to English, and many of the characters are in Chinese. 

Similar to several other iAP Patcher, 25PP also requires a jailbreak for installation. There are so many incredible apps waiting for you that are compatible with 25PP app and helps users who are searching for an alternative to install.

(18) Emus4u

Emus4u (acmarket alternative)

Emus4u is the perfect and the most worldly option to the jailbreaking which holds various amazing features for catching all your off-market applications with extreme ease and real comfort. 

Emus4u app enables its users to install all the off-market applications on iOS device without jailbreaking process. 

Some of the most effective features which Emus4u app includes easy access, tweaked apps, emulators, streaming apps, active updates, effective support of tons of iOS versions, and much more.


APPVN APK (acmarket alternative)

APPVN can be termed as a place where users can install thousands of applications and games which cannot be downloaded through Google play store.

This is a completely new platform. In a very less span it gained huge popularity  because of the variance they offer in their games and apps.    

The application supports only on rooted Android devices. One more beneficial factor of this is it can be used in various other platforms to download free apps from OS such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

(20) GetAPK Market

GetAPK Market (acmarket alternative)

The android operating can be simply defined as the mirror image of this generation’s advanced technology.

With the advancements, it has been enhanced itself into a means which is used by billions of people who use smartphones worldwide.

(21) Aptoide Market APK

Aptoide Market APK (acmarket alternative)

This is one more alternative platform to install the most renowned market application for Android smart devices.

There are multiple variants of this apk and you can find all of them on the internet and can be downloaded based on your device features and specifications.

This is not available in the play store.

(22) BlackMart Alpha APK

 BlackMart Alpha APK

BlackMart Alpha APK is a recently launched application and it assists in installing Android applications without any registration process.

The platform enables its users to download applications at zero cost. This becomes very useful for people who don’t want to spend money on buying applications.

This app cannot be installed from the Play store as it is not available there but users can still download it from the internet.

(23) Asterix Installer

Asterix Installer

Asterix Installer is one of the most authentic and easy to use third-party installer client for the Android as well as iOS devices. 

Asterix Installer – Unleash the Potential of your Device app allows its worldwide users to get access to your favorite applications, games, themes, tweaks, and much more, all for free. 

It is the easiest and the most reliable third-party app installer which effectively merges all of the apps themes, tweaks, shortcuts, and more than you would ever need into one single place.

(24) Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is an exceptional, decentralized, free to use third-party software distribution system introduced in the market for all the iOS devices running stock over the iOS 7, iOS 9 and up. 

Mojo Installer is a free jailbreak client to experience the real openness and was originally founded by the Cole Schaefer. 

Mojo is so much similar in usage to Jay Freeman’s jailbreak tool called Cydia. This app is designed intuitively for non-jailbroken devices.

(25) iTongPush


iTongPush is one of the best websites for downloading and installing IPA app just like vShare, PandaApp, and iFunBox. 

iTongPush provides almost all apps given on AppStore and other well-known app providing websites. 

You can find here an unlimited number of apps and games free of cost. Unlike 25PP and Kuaiyong, iTongPush is accessible in English language version, and you can install it using TongBu.

(26) iNoJB


iNoJB is an intuitive and gigantically used cydia no jailbreak or a no jailbreak app installer available for iOS devices. 

INOJB – IOS CYDIA NO JAILBREAK app store makes it so easy for installing cydia no jailbreak without any PC. 

It allows you to get cydia and applications, snapchat++, Spotify++, iRec or EveryCord no jailbreak with damn ease. This app believes that you should able to tweak iOS with cydia emulators, tweaks, themes, and the Cydia alternatives.

(27) Zeusmos


Zeusmos is a PC-free code-signing solution that allows you to share and install apps without any of the red tapes. 

It is a multi-useful application for both Android and iOS, and it let you install apps on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices quickly. 

Back in the days, the biggest and most popular third-party app store for iOS was Installous and Installous closed down a few years ago. According to people, Zeusmos is the best alternative to it and it remains one of the most professional-looking third-party app stores out there. 

(28) AppAddict


AppAddict is a cool application tool because it is a desktop repository that doubles as an actual mobile application. 

Third-party app stores are not app stores, but these are websites, and you can use them on your PC through the browser. 

1st you have to download ipa files from these websites and use software on you PC to load the ipa files onto your iDevice. AppAddict is a third-party website but their application, called iSignCloud.



iPASTORE allows you to browse, download and install apps directly from on your device for free and you can use it as the best alternative of vShare. 

It is a platform that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly. Along with Self-signing Ipastore also has few Cydia Apps, which work on non -jailbroken devices and in Sandbox mode. 

It is not a replacement of Cydia, it just provides you some Cydia apps like, iTransmission Moviebox, Musicbox, Kodi, and some others.

(30) TutuApp


TutuApp is one of the best constant, suitable, free of jailbreak app that assists you get the most easy method to install hundreds of applications. 

It is the true iOS helper that brings incredible ease and simplicity as you could imagine for downloading tons of applications. 

Using this free to use the application, there is no need to login Apple ID and jailbreak.

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