AppCake: Download Cracked Apps (iPhone | iPad | iPod) 2020

AppCake is an application compatible with iOS devices that are jailbroken, and this application gives an opportunity of installing cracked apps free, you dont even have to spend a single penny to install apps from this platform. But the problem is you need a jailbroken iOS device to get appcake in your mobile. So, first, jailbreak your device, install AppCake, and then start downloading apps for free.

What Exactly Does AppCake do?

In simple words Appcake can described as a platform that offers cracked and tweaked IPA files. This is a native appcake iOS application as well. This platform was launched in 2008 at the same time as the iPhone 1st generation smartphone was launched. In a very less span, the Appcake iPhone has become a popular IPA sharing platform.  

This is considered as one of the first iOS apps that have the potential to appcake download and install IPA files. They developed CrackNShare and it is responsible for integrating cracking, loading and sharing all in one app


This platform is universal and compatible with iPhone and iPad. This is for beginners, in order to install some of the applications has to be unzipped but in this case, there is a simulator that allows you to launch applications just by extracting and copying. 

With the help of this platform, it becomes very easy to appcake install all those apps you wish to have in your device and you will never allow any complications while or after downloading apps. 

Users can also publish their apps here easily, this is an open platform and functions in conjunction with the Apple Sync application. This platform acts as a center for whatever your app wants.

AppCake Features

To gain access to the apps available, visit

Primarily, the user should download the app along with carrying the apple sync application. Then the user will get access to all stunning and fantastic apps on the site. The interface is very user-friendly and navigation is cakewalk t, you will have no problem finding the apps you want on this highly organized site.

Free Downloads

Once you get into the site you will find free downloads for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Universal, and Android. For Android users, they have developed a separate site where you will find all Android apps without any confusion. No matter what your platform is, AppCake android offers games and apps in the hundreds.

Submitting Apps

In order to submit apps, the user should be a part of the iPhoneCake forum which will allow you to share your files.


The apps are classified into several categories and they include books, business, education, entertainment, healthcare and fitness, lifestyle, medical and fitness. 

Once you click on the category you will get a list of all those apps that fall in that category. As there are thousands of apps available here categories make it easier for the user to browse their favorite apps. The list of apps is endless, giving you everything you could possibly want.

Weekly Top 20

AppCake offers the best apps by picking the top 20 apps every week for their users. They regularly monitor what people are preferring and they keep a note on apps that are downloaded by most people, they make a list of all these apps and publish on their top 20 picks. Fun apps, helpful apps, and games are just a click away.

Quick Search

If you are unable to find the app you want to download there is a tab present for you where you can search for an app by entering its name, this helps you in finding your favorite apps without wasting your time.


After finding the app you are looking for click on the app, you will be directed to a page where you will find all the information you need. It will allow you to know the functioning and features of the app, will that meet your criteria, etc.  

You can also find data like device compatibility, pricing of the app, offers, and promotions it offers, etc. You will also find a review of thousands of users who are well versed with the app you are going to download. This helps in giving you the best apps present in the market and know what you’re downloading beforehand.

How To Install AppCake?

  1. In order to get Appcake on your device, you need to have Cydia on your jailbroken iOS device and click on “Manage” you will find this option at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on “Sources,” then click on “Edit”. This option is available at the top right corner.
  3. Click on “Add,” and now type the URL in the given blank space:
  4. Click on “Add Source.” To verify the URL, Cydia will take some time, be patient until the verification completes.
  5. You will see a warning pop-up now with the option ‘Add Anyway” click on it. After this step, the AppCake repository will be added by Cydia to the list of Cydia resources.
  6. Click on “Search”, this option is available at the bottom of the page and in search field type “AppSync”.
  7. Click on “AppSync for iOS,” and choose the option to install the app on your mobile. AppSync is nothing but an app that gives access to install and run several other cracked or modified apps no matter if Apple validates them to run on your mobile. There are situations when cracked apps fail to function properly on the jailbroken iOS devices because of statutes imposed by Apple.
  8. Now, open Safari on your iOS device after installing Appsync successfully.
  9. Navigate to, and click on “Install AppCake for iOS.”
  10. Click on “Install,” and then click on “Install” once again to confirm you want AppCake. The application will start installation on your iOS device, and it will appear on the Home screen when installation finishes.

How To Use AppCake?

  1. On your home screen search for the appcake application and click on it to launch the app. The home screen of AppCake features a list of the most current, popular apps available for download.
  2. Click on “Settings,” then click on “Install After Download” to turn on the option. This feature gives access to your iOS device to install the apps immediately downloading their files.
  3. Tap on “Popular” to view the most popular apps available from AppCake. This will allow you to browse the current week’s most popular apps based on downloads, as well as the top AppCake apps of all time.
  4. Click on “Search” to find a specific app that you are looking for in AppCake. At present AppCake has thousands of apps in its store. 
  5. Click on “Categories” to search for apps by their categories. There are several categories available here and they are lifestyle, health and fitness, books, business, education, and entertainment.
  6. Click on “Forum” to get in touch with other users in the AppCake community, and to learn more about fun, useful apps available through AppCake. The forum also provides AppCake support from the developer and from other experienced AppCake users.
  7. If you’re interested in submitting your own apps to AppCake, sign up for the AppCake Forum, then select the option to “Submit an App.”
  8. Select the app you wish to download here and don’t ever forget to verify the details of the app you are going to download, all details are available in the app description. This information include additional apps or programs required, and whether you must pay a fee to download and install the app from AppCake.
  9. Tap on “Install” to verify that you really wish to install the app on your iOS device. AppCake will download and install the required files automatically, and will show the app icon on the Home screen when complete.

Customer Support

To help out the people who are using Appcake, they developed a forum where everyone can post their issues while using Appcake and discuss them. This forum helps you by connecting you to the site to find any kind of answers to your query related to the app.

To conclude this I would like to say that AppCake is one of the best places to find your favorite apps and install them. It’s quick, easy and best of all FREE.

Final Words

To all the readers who are interested in using Appcake all links are provided in the article. The android operating system then hit the link and get access to the AppCake APK file first. Install Appcake and experience all the best apps available in the market. 

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