AppValley: Free Download Premium Apps (iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch)

What Is Appvalley?

Appvalley acts as a medium that offer all the features present in Play Store and App Store, we can also call it as an alternative for Play Store and App Store. AppValley gives unblocked games, Pack games, social media platforms, and various other premium services for free. The apps available here are tweaked and gives never before experience to its users. 

Most of us who have smartphones in our hands can access AppValley easily without any hassles, all you have to do is to download the app from reliable source and tons of apps will be on your fingertips.

Users should keep in mind that this app is not available in Play Store or the App Store. Search for it and install from the browser you have in your mobile.

Is AppValley Safe?

As there are many suspicious theories circulating in the air regarding the trustworthy of Appvalley, you may have several doubts about it and some of you might avoid it for obvious reasons. But what are the facts? Let’s discuss them here:

Without having a second thought we can say that users interested in AppValley should stay from its original domain. Any AppValley link that is created on or before February 10, 2019, is not considered as a safe means. 

Never ever click on those links. So, one should be careful while clicking on links, if you are doing so then make sure that the website you choose is reliable and safe. 

Appvalley has created a new URL for the safety of users. Sadly, their new domain failed to grab the attention of people and they are still working hard to get traffic. This is because the old links are all over the internet, thereby making the new domain less visible. This is the most common problem faced by all of us when we do a domain switch. So, be careful.

Here’s how you can safely choose the safe Appvalley link.

  • Users should always be keen about the websites they are on for downloading AppValley through VIP link. If any of your friends refer you a link then have a  good look at it carefully.
  • Use only this link every user should remember this, the only thing that classifies old and latest versions is a hyphen. Search for the hyphen in the link before clicking on it. 

Why Use AppValley?

The developers of AppValley update their store regularly with exciting apps along with several games, paid apps, and a lot more.

This platform has one of the most searched and downloaded app called Kdi. By installing it users will get access to unlimited software versions.

Apart from, acting as the best alternative to another app providing platforms like Cydia, blackmart, etc, AppValley provides Cydia tweaks that do not require jailbreak.

When it comes to installing AppValley, the process is very easy and it does not ask for the personal information of the user. 

Below is a step-by-step guide that will help our readers to Install AppValley on their device.

How To Install AppValley on iPhone/iPad

Step 1

First of all on your device (iPhone or iPad), navigate to within the Safari browser.

Step 2

Select your iOS Version.

Step 3

Tap on the configuration Profile 1 (If it does not work, click on configuration Profile.

Step 4

Tap on Allow.

Step 5

When done, tap on Close.

Step 6

Now, go to Settings from the main menu of your device and tap on Profile Downloaded.

Step 7

Click Install.

Step 8

Enter your passcode if required.

Step 9

Click Next.

Step 10

Click Install.

Step 11

Click Install again.

Step 12

Click Done.

Step 13

Return to the home screen to see the app.

This step completes the installation of AppValley. Now, you can browse through tons of apps and your favourite games.  

Note: Users should keep in mind that they should only use safari browser to install AppValley. If you’re browsing through a third-party browser there are chances that you come across a message reading “AppValley Could Not be Installed at This Time.” Check your browser and retry if you receive this message.

AppValley For Android

If you go through the above installation process for iPhone, then you will know how easy the installation process is for IOS. Installation of this quite simple on mobiles running on Android software.

To install this app on your device follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Note: Before starting the installation don’t forget to turn on the toggle beside the allow applications from Unknown Sources in the Settings tab.

Step 1

Go to the AppValley official website to download the APK file using the following link:

AppValley APK Download

Step 2

Tap on Download APK (2.2 MB).

Step 3

To install the apk file on your device use a file manager.

Step 4

Once again device will ask your permission to start installation process if you want to really install the app then click on INSTALL.

Step 5

The installation will take some time, wait until the process completes and then click OPEN to launch the app.

How To Use AppValley

Once you finish the installation on your device, go to the home screen and search for the AppValley icon and click on it to launch the application. 

After launching the app you will come across several advertisements, to skin the ads click on the skip ad button present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Users can search for their favourite apps and games here. Once you find your desired app click on it to know the app details like the size of the app, details of its version, and many other details. If you want to download any app from the store, click the GET button.

Note: There are some important points to check before starting the installation, primarily your device should have enough storage space in your device.

AppValley Categories

This platform offers 6 different categories to attract users. These categories comprise of Tweaked ++ Apps, Stream Live TV, Recommended This Week, Featured, Jailbreak, and Movies on iOS. With the help of these categories, users will experience a breezy feel and undoubtedly this platform will act as a great medium to provide cracked and modded apps to its users.

Featured Apps: This category acts as a great tool to find new and innovative apps that might grab your attention. The apps featured here are the most trending and popular among users all over the world.

are usually the most popular apps among users.

The Tweaked ++ Apps: This section offer apps that are present in App Stores but the difference is apps available here are modified according to the choice of user comfort. 

This helps in eliminating removing ads, adding content, or any other form of changes for the application enhancements. This section offers the most popular features and several awesome options.

This category also offers free versions of applications that you usually purchase on several other platforms. Most popular and downloaded apps in this category comprises of: Snapchat++, YouTube++, Instagram++, Facebook++, Twitter ++, WhatsApp++, and many more.

Recommended: This section offers apps that are recommended by the developers, every week they add new apps to this category and it becomes easy for you to know which apps are trending.

Jailbreak: The Jailbreak Category presents apps for those with a jailbroken device.

Live Stream: This Category offers tons of awesome Live TV apps that include SlickTV, AeroTV, Live Wire, Channels, PlayBoxHD, WNBA++ and iPlayTV, among others.

Movies: Here, you can watch your favorite movies with the help of the apps in the Movies on iOS category. It offers a vast selection of apps such as MovieHD, MovieBoxPro, AirVideo HD, The Movie DB, Comic Box, MediaBox HD, plus many more.


Appvalley offers amazing and innumerous features to its users. This platform acts as a medium to install tweaked and hacked apps on iOS and it also assures the safety if you download it from a reliable link. 

Appvalley FAQ

What is Appvalley?

It is an alternative medium for App Store and it offers everything that are available on the App Store for free.  

The difference between App Store and App Valley is that here users will get Modified Apps, Modded Games, Tweaked and ++ Applications without jailbreaking device.

How can I remove Appvalley from my device?

Follow below steps to uninstall AppValley from your device:

  1. On your mobiles home screen find Appvalley icon.
  2. Long tap on the app for a few seconds.
  3. A cross will appear on icon, click on it.
  4. You will see a pop-up click on yes. App Valley will be uninstalled. 

Is this application available for the Android Device?

No, at present this platform is not compatible with Android devices. For Android there are several other alternatives and AC Market is one of the best among all. 

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use this Store?

No, there is not need for jailbreaking your device to install this application and also this application comes for free.

Is it free or I have to pay for it?

This application is totally free and you don’t need to pay money for it.

Is it safe to use?

Appvalley is one of the most trusted third-party app stores in the world and nobody has ever complained about any kind of complicated issues. This proves that it is 100% safe to use.

Should I need to have an anti revoke app for it?

No, you are not required to download the Anti revoke application for it. Because it has its own built-in anti revoke tool which helps you to get back the revoked certificates.

Does it require an Apple ID and Password?

No Appvalley never asks your Apple email id or password. This is because that is the alternative version of App Store not the original one.

Is it easy to download apps from Appvalley?

Yes, downloading the applications is much more as compared to any other Store. 

All the apps are well designed in the category and you can easily find and install the relevant app according to your choice.

Is it faster than the App Store?

Yes, apps can be installed from App Valley at high speed as compared to the App Store. 

They use the best servers in the business making the installation faster than ever. 

What are the reasons behind the popularity of Appvalley?

The main reason behind the popularity of this platform is it stunning and simple user interface. It provides thousands of apps and it is very rare.  

It gives you regular updates regarding your favorite apps as a result you will never miss out anything interesting. 

The installation process is very simple and easy to understand, and users can also delete cache to save your mobile memory.

Where does App Valley download link available?

Download it from their original website or by the link provided above. The app gets regularly updated so you will get an updated version whenever you decide to install. 

What are the best alternatives of Appvalley?

There are several other options of Appvalley are available out there in the internet and some of them are, TweakBox, Emus4u.

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