EMUS4U: Free Download & Install EMUS4U (Android | iOS) 2020

EMUS4U is a third-party app installer that offers you a golden opportunity to install your favorite apps and games for free. Recently Apple has updated its latest IOS by fixing bugs. Now, there are no tools to jailbreak an IOS device. In this case EMUS4U helps you a lot in installing new apps and games. With the help of this platform you will enjoy the pleasure of having all your favorite applications on your device.

How Safe is Emus4U?

This is considered as one of the most secured third-party App Installer ever launched, let’s look at the reasons that prove this point. Primarily, the developers of this platform conducted several tests and filters to make sure that this is safe and secure for the users. 

All these tests make sure that the installers do not carry any kind of virus or malware. In order to keep it safe the developers issue regular updates to the platform. 

Unlike Cydia, Emus4U 2020 never asks access to the internal functioning of iOS. This confirms that it cannot interfere with any of the security protocols or features that Apple has inserted into it. 

Safety and security of the users is the first priority of the developers and they take this pretty seriously, because the security of users impact on the reputation of the platform. 

All the apps published here are monitored thoroughly, if any app proves to be malicious is removed immediately and the installer is updated regularly.  

What makes Emus4u stand out from all the other apps?

EMUS4U allows its users you to install applications and games that are not available on iOS App Store. There are so many alternatives present in the market but still the popularity of this platform remain the same. 

Installation process is very easy and does not take much time. One more interesting news is that this process does not require jailbreaking.  

Emus4u Features

  1. The installation process very simple and navigation is easy. 
  2. This app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices (starting iOS 6 – iOS 12)
  3. Supports iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Android, Windows PC, and MAC
  4. User-friendly Interface
  5. This platform offers millions of games, app modifications, and more.
  6. A vast range of modified apps and games in ready-to-install mode.
  7. Built-in screen recorder.
  8. No Jailbreaking Required.

Emus4U For iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, go to troypoint.com/emus within your preferred web browser

  1. Click Install Emus4U.
  2. Click the Configuration Profile button.
  3. Click Allow.
  4. When prompted, click Close.
  5. Open Settings from the main menu of your device and click Profile Downloaded.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Enter your passcode if required
  8. Click Install.
  9. Click Install again.
  10. Click Done.
  11. Return to the home screen to view the app.

Emus4U installation is now complete. You can access the app from your device’s home screen and browse for applications!

Emus4U For Android

  1. To install Emus4U Android Apk you have to make certain changes on your device, first, open settings. 
  2. Click the box beside Unknown Sources, enabling this allows applications from unknown sources, if you do not follow this then you won’t be able to install this.   
  3. Download the .apk file from the links above. 
  4. Search for the file, once you find it double tap on it and wait for it to install on your device  
  5. After the completion of installation, search for the app icon on your homepage, tap it launch it  
  6. Now enjoy unlimited apps and games for free.

Emus4U For PC

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Now download Emus4U APK file on your PC.
  3. Search for the apk file in your PC and open .apk file. 
  4. Bluestacks will be open the file automatically, and it will install the .apk file. If this process fails then right-click the .apk file and then click on Open With>Bluestacks.
  5. Another way to do it is to launch Bluestacks on your PC, find the .apk file and drag it into Bluestacks
  6. Once Emus4U has been installed on your PC, the icon will appear on the Bluestacks homepage – click it to open the installer.

How to Install Apps and Games on Emus4U?

  1. Open the Emus4U app by tapping on the icon.
  2. Click on the Check Out Our Apps ! button.
  3. Choose your desired Category.
  4. Select from the list of apps and games or type in an app or game in the Search field.
  5. Click Install.


Emus4U is a new generation alternative for App Store and this platform acts as a medium that offers all MOD and tweaked apps. People who are searching for new apps and games can experiment here by installing modified and tweaked apps and it also offers several gateways to gateways to emulators that can be downloaded. 

This platform offers an opportunity for users to modify and publish their apps. Emus4U is a third-party platform that enables all iOS and Android users to get the best MOD versions of games and apps.

Emus4u FAQ

Will I get any issues regarding my iPhone warranty, If I install Emus4u?

No, the answer for this is absolute no. Because to install Emus4u, users do not need to have a jailbroken device this makes it clear that your warranty will not be affected. 

If you use a jailbroken device then this will affect you warranty , but in Emus4u’s case this will never be a problem. 

How can I download Emulators from Emus4U?

There are several types of Emulators present on the internet at present, all these emulators are available and can be downloaded easily from this Store. One way to download is by searching the name of the emulator you want to download. Type the name in the search bar and you will get it in the result.  

The second method is to check out in the available categories, there is a special category available for emulators and you can find all the emulators there.

What is an Emulator?

Emulators could be simply explained as programs which allows you to run and use apps from other platforms or to download different software to your device. 

One example is, if you are an iOS user and you are looking for a way to run an Android app then you can do it by using the emulator.  

There are many emulators which allows you to run Windows & Mac software and you can also play Console Games.

What if you are unable to connect with Emus4U server?

Users will face this error when they ran out of their data or if they don’t have a stable internet connection.  

If you still face the same problem then clear cookies from your mobile or delete the app install it again. 

What to do when app crashes while launching? 

This problem occurs only if the users does not install the app properly and one more reason for this is insufficient RAM. So don’t forget to check the storage limit and then launch it again.  

If the problem still persists reboot your mobile and your issue will be solved 100%.

Is there any difference between Emus4U & AppValley?

No, there is no difference between Emus4U and the AppValley because these both serve as an alternative for App Store. 

The only noticeable difference among them is User Interface, some apps are not available in one store so they can be downloaded from another.

What is the best Emulator for console games in Emus4U?

One of the downloaded emulators from this platform is GBA4iOS. Most of the gamers know about the popularity of this Gaming console and undoubtedly it is a perfect choice for gaming lovers. 

Can I download Emus4u on my Android Phone?

No, at present there is no compatible Emus4u version is available for android devices and there are no details regarding developing it for Android mobiles. 

Don’t worry, there are several platforms out there in the market and compatible with Android devices. One of the best among all the alternatives is AC Market.

Are Emus4u Available for the Computer?

To use this in your Computer you have to install an Android emulator which allow you to run these types of Apps easily. 

After this download the AC Market and install it now you can run all these tweaked apps and mod games in your computer

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone?

No, the jailbreak is not required for this so you can easily run it on any device easily.

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