GetApk: Free Download GetApk App Now (Android) 2020

GetApk is an app providing platform for Android users, here, they will get all the apk files of applications that are premium or not available at the Google play store. To keep this simple we can say that this platform offers all premium apps for free. Users might feel surprised with this thinking about how an app could all other apps for free, but in GetApk’s case it is true, users will get their favourite apps without paying a single penny. This platform should be considered as a third-party app store and as an alternative for Google’s Store. 

User Interface

The installation of GetAPK market on your device is very easy and it is totally free for Android, all these stunning benefits can be enjoyed without spending a penny.  

By considering all the benefits and features offered by GetAPK market download proves that everyone should have it in their mobile devices. This platform is compatible with mobiles and tablets.

So don’t waste your time and money anymore, lean back and install your favorite apps for FREE!

Is GetAPK Market Safe?

As an Android user, we use several apps in our day-to-day life, sometimes we use apps to chat with our friends, listen to music, for shopping, etc. now, the topic we are talking is about Apps and technology, our first priority should be to look after the safety of our device, our devices should not get any harm from technology, and some of the applications we download might come with certain vulnerabilities that will affect our device.

At present, we are surrounded by several third-party app stores that provide so many compatible, free and easy to go apps to make our life easy, but before selecting a platform we have to make sure about the safety measures they follow.

If we look at the safety measures of Getapk market pro apk considering the permissions they require on your mobile, we can say that it is absolutely SAFE! Install Getapk as it is totally safe and secure, to install this all you need is to change a few simple settings and give permission for install applications from third-party sources.  

In order to download and install a GetAPK market app on your device, first thing you have to do is to enable the reading, writing, modifying and deleting the content of your SD card. Besides this, Getapk will go through your phone status, identity and the exact location.

Features of GetAPK 

This platform comes with unimaginable benefits and offers stunning features to its users. Here are some of the best features offered by GetAPK Market 2020. 

  1. Free to download: All the apps available here comes for free. To install these apps all you have to do is to install GetAPK Market free on your device. No sign ups!
  2. Tons of Apps: This platform offers thousands of apps to its users, users can explore through several categories and they can their favourite apps within seconds. This feature makes Getapk different from most other apps. 
  3. Paid apps for free: We all have a desire to download a few amazing apps available on Google store but what stops us is that their price. All of us cannot afford, here GetApk becomes handy, it allows you to download and install all paid apps and games for free. 
  4. Easy to navigate: The navigation and user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Browsing between one category to another is very smooth. You will never face any kind of issues while using this app. 
  5. Multiple sources for downloading: Here, users will never face server breakdown issues, even if there are any you can download single app from multiple sources. This makes the installation process much more easy. Every app can be downloaded from multiple sources. If one source stops working, choose another source. 


In order to install GetApk on your device you need to make a few changes to your security settings, to change settings follow these quick steps:

get apk
  1. Go to settings application of your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Then, enter tap on security settings.
  3. Scroll to find the option of “Unknown sources”.
  4. Tap onto it to slide the option so that “Unknown sources” are enabled.
  5. Having done this, now you are all set to go ahead with the getapk download.

Now download GetApk from a reliable and trusted source.

  1. Getapk download starts on your device.
  2. After the completion of download you will get a notification saying “Your file is downloaded successfully”.
  3. Now you have to install the apk of GetAPK. To install it, search for apk file in the downloads folder. 
  4. Click on the file. Now it will ask permission to gain access to certain functions of your device.
  5. Read all the points carefully and click on the “Install” button to complete the installation. 
  6. You will observe that within a few seconds, your app will be installed. You will receive a pop up showing “App installed”.

That’s it. Finally, you are ready to get all the paid apps for free without losing a single buck out of your pocket.

GetApk Version

Name:GetAPK Market
File Size:1.12 MB
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.1+
Get APK Market Features:Download Paid Apps absolutely free of cost.
Last Update Time:13 June 2017


Did you ever felt play store as a useless app just because you have to pay money to install your favorite app? To all of you, there is an extraordinary platform available that offers all the paid apps and games for free.   

This post is specially for our readers who are searching to find a perfect alternative for Google store. We guarantee you that after reading this post clearly, you will definitely start enjoying free paid Android apps on your smartphone using GetApk.

GetApk FAQ

Is it Possible to find all the Android applications on GetAPK Market?

Yes, there is no doubt in that. People behind this platform were very clear and their main motive was to offer each and every app ever made for android users.  

This platform serves as an alternative for Play Store and the only difference between them is that users can download APK directly from GetAPK Market apkpure rather than installing the application.

Is it possible to share the downloaded APK with Others?

Yes! Users can download and share APK with their friends and family. There are no restrictions regarding this. 

Does this Application requires Rooting to Install?

No! There is no need to root your device to install GetAPK Market.

Is it Easy to use GetAPK Market?

Yes! GetAPK Market has very classic and easy to understand interface, this is the main reason why people love this platform more than Play Store. 

Users will never get any kind of trouble in using or understanding the navigation even if the user is using it for the first time. 

Are there any In-App Purchases?

No! GetAPK Market is absolutely free to install and use. It will not charge money for installations and also there are no hidden costs involved in using this.

Are there any viruses in this app?

No, most of the apps provided in the market are free from viruses and malware. For extra security, we recommend you to download a good antivirus.

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