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Hacked Games: 65+ Free Hacked Online Games (Complete Guide 2020)

Hacking and video games, these two always travel together. From the initial days of the Konami code gamers observed that they are getting extra lives, modern hacked games app like Watch Dogs where the whole concept of the game is to play as a hacker, these two pursuits have been connected. 

Cheating in online, all best hacked games list can also be explained as the action of pretending to be satisfied with the rules and regulations of the game, while quietly overturning them to get an inequitable benefit over an opponent.

Mostly cheating and hacking occur in multiplayer online hacked free games unblocked, but it is very hard to measure.

The Internet and darknets offer knowledge and methodology to players and that will help them to cheat in online all hacked games unblocked , sometimes they do this to win prices.

Hacked Games: 65+ Free Online Hacked Games (Complete List Updated 2020) | Play Now

(1) Hacked Arcade Games

  • Pin Out
  • Pac-Man
  • Galactic Nemesis
  • Metal Slug 3
  • SoulCalibur

(2) Hacked Action Games

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
  • SuperFighters
  • Raze 2
  • Zombotron
  • Last Battle

(3) Hacked Fantasy Games

  • Warlords: Epic Conflict
  • Mighty Knight
  • Royal Warfare
  • Awesome Conquest
  • Frozen Islands

(4) Hacked Physics Games

  • Newtoian
  • Death Lab
  • AngryBirds 2
  • Jelly Truck
  • Fly Away

(5) Hacked Zombie Games

  • The Last Stand: Union City
  • Earn to Die 2: Exodus
  • Tequila Zombies 3
  • RoadZ
  • Bloodbath Avenue

(6) Hacked Racing Games

  • Madmen Racing 2
  • Lethal Race
  • Monsters Wheels
  • Grand Prix Go 2
  • Neon Race

(7) Hacked Multiplayer Games

  • Helmet Heroes
  • Kawairun 2
  • Tank Trouble
  • Battle Cry
  • Slay.one

(8) Hacked Shooter Games

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
  • Madness: Project Nexus
  • Alien Attack Team
  • Stick Squad
  • Tower Droids 2

(9) Hacked Puzzle Games

  • Cut The Rope
  • Doodle God 2
  • Ninja Sequence
  • Moir
  • Prizma Puzzle Challenges

(10) Hacked Strategy Games

  • Jacksmith
  • Takeover
  • Royal Warfare 2
  • Royal Squad
  • Renegades

(11) Hacked Adventure Games

  • Finn and Bones
  • Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks
  • Pirateers 2
  • Shadowless
  • Scuba

(12) Hacked Unblocked Games

(13) Pre-Hacked Games

(1) Hacked Arcade Games


Hacked arcade games are generally a type of game genre where all the games are based on fast-paced action (for PC or console), hackedarcadegames unblocked require extreme hand-eye coordination skill to play as these games are intense. Most of the modern arcade games takes assistance from solid state electronics, connected circuits and cathode-ray tube screens to make games much more exciting. Pinball games for the PC would be considered an arcade game.

Top 5 Hacked Online Arcade Games


The PinOut is an extraordinary classic pinball arcade game with excellent graphics. Every one of us are familiar with this arcade genre game and one interesting thing about is game is that there is no ending to this game, players can play as much as they wish.

The features of this game are sharp, stunning graphics, and most importantly, the controls are very easy to understand. This game is designed and developed by the most popular and award-winning game developers who also developed Smash Hit.


This typical arcade classic has been launched for Android over and over again, with several new twists and turns to keep up the interest of gamers.

If you are out there searching for hacked pac-man, then this game developed by Bandai-Namco’s free PAC-MAN is all you want.

Galactic Nemesis

Galactic Nemesis is an updated version of arcade classics like Galaga and Galaxian for people who have Android devices.

The players has to cross through a deadly wave of alien invaders, at the same time the player also needs to upgrade his/her ship as they go forward.

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 is one of he most popular arcade games and it is available online and on several other platforms. people who love arcade games definitely needs to check this out. The hacked version of this game is available at AC Market.  

If you’re a true fan of the all cool hacked games unblocked or simply enjoy action arcade shooting games then this game perfectly suits your taste.


A list of arcadeprehacks games is incomplete without mentioning at least one fighting game in the list. this game is suitable foe gamers who love to go for arcade genre.

This port of Soul Calibur is one of the best direct ports one could ever find, and it has stunning graphics which are updated regularly since its release.

(2) Hacked Action Games


Action games can be simply defined as a kind of video game genre that is based on offering physical challenges to players and it requires hand–eye coordination and instant reactions.  The genre also has a vast range of sub-genres, like fighting games, beat ’em ups, shooting or sniping games and platform games.  Few Multiplayer online survival games and some real-time planning games are also called as action games.

Top 5 Hacked Online Action Games

Strike Force Heroes 3

Integer Games introduced never before action game called Strike Force Heroes 3, this is the third game in Strike Force series. The tagline of this game is, “the man with a mission.” 

This game is absolutely free with amazing missions awaiting for you and it has several upgrades, this game is quite easy to learn and controls are smooth with  touch screen feature. 


Super Fighters is a simple cool action game hacked games war with amazing retro graphics, soothing music. The gameplay is very intense in SuperFighters. 

Players have to take part in a tutorial to know the instructions before starting the game directly. This will help players to know about the controls and story of the game. 

Once you deal with the tutorial, then you are all set to fight a battle. 

Raze 2

This game is the second part in Raze series and it has set of three platform shooters in space. In this ultimate action based shooting game players has to make their way to fight an epic battle against deadly enemies. 

What do you think, Can you win? If your answer is yes, don’t forget to play Raze 3 too and check your skills.


Zombotron is one of the best and A-class shooting games. Players can download it from AC Market and it is available on online platforms too, search for the game in your browser and start playing. 

Zombotron is played by more than 259,850 people all over the world and it is powered by Flash technology to work smoothly in the latest browsers.

Last Battle

If you love action games with shooting mode, then this game is a perfect choice for you. 

In this game player has to snipe down all the zombies coming towards him/her. Remember, your only job is to destroy as many zombies as you can. 

Watch carefully on all sides of the room these dead zombies are unpredictable and can from any anywhere to attack you.

(3) Hacked Fantasy Games

Fantasy Games

Fantasy games are nothing but a genre in video games where players have to take someone else’s role and should perform whatever the character asks to accomplish the given task. Fantasy genre also comprises of games like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. Here, we should build our team and these teams play against each other based on their achievements and their actual performance in their respective games.

Top 5 Hacked Online Fantasy Games

Warlords: Epic Conflict

This game is the fourth edition in the Warlords: Epic Conflict series and as we all know that this is one of the most popular Fantasy games to pass time.

This game is designed and developed by It is created by the same developer who has developed all the Warlords games, Ben Olding. 

The main mission of the player is to walk through the entire map and conquer them.  

Mighty Knight

This game is very simple, the only thing the player has to do is to eliminate all enemies around him/her to win and make his way to the next level. 

Shoot the enemies continuously to get chains (longer chains helps you get the bigger bonuses). 

Help and support the Mighty Knight in his journey to defeat all the monsters

Royal Warfare

Royal Warfare is a stunning action game that offers unlimited fun to the players. This game is available at AC Market and players can also play this online.

The game is designed and developed by Flash technology to make it compatible for all latest browsers. 

More than 12,532 people play this game everyday and they have been rated 8.7 / 10.

Awesome Conquest

Awesome Conquest is another epic battle game. This game is available for free on several online platforms and hacked version of this game is available at AC market. 

This game has stunning features and it has been played by more than 21,323 people and has been rated 9.1 / 10 by 571 people. 

The game is developed with the help of Flash technology to make it flawless and compatible with the latest browsers.  

Frozen Islands

Frozen Islands is the newest game from Deqaf Studios, who we know from hits such as StrikeForce Kitty 2, Awesome Run, and Dangerous Adventure. 

Your peaceful viking islands were attacked by an evil ice giant. All the villagers were frozen, but we will not remain idle! Free the islands and save your fellow vikings.

Have fun with Frozen Islands.

(4) Hacked Physics Games


Physics games is one of the categories in video games hacked games and it includes Computer animation physics. The genre is has a vast range, but it normally entails some level of concept and uses colors, shapes, numbers, physics, or complex rules. Physics games helps us to know the laws of physics into a simulation or game engine, particularly in 3D computer graphics, and this is done to make the effects more realistic to the player.

Top 5 Hacked Online Physics Games

Doodle Blast

Color whatever you want! Smash and get your own 3D masterpiece! Paint the split part and put them together to get more fun. 

A powerful game to relax. The best stress reducer, Throwing and blasting feel so right! We have every color to match your thoughts. 

Use cool patterns to custom various items.Smash to release stress and be a crazy happy guy

Death Lab

This is a dynamic zombie game. You can check it out here on CrazyGames.com directly in your browser, free of charge. 

It has been played 30,138 times and has received a rating of 9.0 out of 10 with 453 votes. 

This amazing shooting game is built with Flash to work flawlessly in most browsers.

AngryBirds 2

Angry Birds 2 is a 2015 puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment as the twelfth game in the Angry Birds series, and is the direct sequel to the original Angry Birds. 

It was soft-launched in Canada on March 5, 2015, as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, released for iOS and Android worldwide on July 30, 2015, and the name was changed to Angry Birds 2.

Jelly Truck

Everything is made of Jelly! Driving a truck made of jelly in a world made of jelly is hard to do. 

Make it through each level by completing the obstacles in front of you. The jelly truck is flexible but can still get smashed and break. 

Enjoy driving your new jelly truck and finish as many levels as you can.

Fly Away

Fly Away is a fun, addictive physics-based paperflyer taking a different approach from the classic 3D Platformers. 

In this you game control a small paper plane with the desire to get to the end of each level with numerous obstacles in your way.

Get your hands keyboard and start playing it.

(5) Hacked Zombie Games


Zombies are the most common enemies in video games that include action or horror. The game Zombie Zombie, released in Europe in 1984, is the first ever video game to focus on zombies.. These games includes weird and frightening creatures developed by the archetypal man eating zombies seen in horror films, B-movies and literature. This category has many games – faster running zombies, zombies killing each other, and more.

Top 5 Hacked Online Zombie Games

The Last Stand: Union City

Scavenge, shoot and survive your way through Union City in this sprawling zombie action RPG. 

Play in Survivor mode for a more realistic experience where the need food and sleep will be added to your survival requirements. 

Or play in Run’n’Gun mode and blast your way to freedom.

Earn to Die 2: Exodus

You have survived the zombie apocalypse so far, but do you have the skills to keep going? 

In Earn to Die 2: Exodus, there is a brink of hope to escape the zombie infested cities. Manoeuvre your way through the cities in the run down cars you have at your disposal. 

Earn cash, upgrade your cars.

Tequila Zombies 3

Tequila Zombies 3 is an amazing shooting game that you can play on this page in your browser, for free. 

Tequila Zombies 3 is made with Flash to run in most browsers. It has been played 157,063 times and has received a rating of 9.2 out of 10 with 1,959 votes. 

If you are done with this game then go for Tequila Zombies 2 and Tequila Zombies.


RoadZ, a Free Flash Action Game! Max Games. There’s only one road you’re heading down and that’s RoadZ! Zombies have flooded the town and you’re only chance of survival is to keep moving and loot resources from inside buildings such as food and water, ammunition and medical care.

Bloodbath Avenue

Take the role of Rob D. Law or Captain Rodriges and get to the safe area through the bloody streets full of zombies! 

This is a survival mission, so don’t forget to collect the cash, ammo and health packs on your way. 

When you get enough cash, visit the shop the improve your abilities and purchase new armor and weapons.

(6) Hacked Racing Games

Hacked Racing Games

This is one of the most popular genres in video games, people love racing category more than anything. In this genre the the player takes part in a racing competition and it can be anywhere on land, water, air or space vehicles. These games can be inspired by any events from real-world racing leagues to movie promotions, it can be anything. There are few sub-genres in Racing Games they are Arcade-style racers, Racing simulators, Kart racing games.

Top 5 Hacked Online Racing Games

Madmen Racing 2

The madmen are back! In Madmen Racing 2 you get to race crazy cars and perform amazing stunts. 

In this soap race style driving game, each vehicle has its own physics, handling, and specifications. 

Upgrade them, and purchase new cars in the garage. Perform stunts to get nitro. Have fun!

Lethal Race

In Lethal Race you have to finish among the first 3 to earn money which you can spend on upgrades. 

Earn nitro by performing stunts such as backflips. Have fun! Lethal Race is an amazing car game. It can be played on this page directly in your browser. 

The game is made with Flash to work flawlessly in most browsers. Lethal Race has been played by 191,081 people and has received a rating of 9.1 / 10 by 2,951 people. 

Monsters Wheels

Are you ready for a big truck driving challenge? Get ready for Monster Wheels and drive your powerful monster truck to the finish line first. 

Perform flips and collect lots of coins for upgrades along the way. Use the arrow keys to drive, and spacebar for nitro. 

Also make sure to check out Monster Wheels 2, with even more upgrades, more speed, more stunts, and more fun.

Grand Prix Go 2

Do you want to become Formula 1 world champion in Grand Prix Go 2, then this game is all yours. 

Try to win each race so you earn money for an even faster car! Grand Prix Go 2 is an amusing car game that you can play on CrazyGames in your browser, free of charge. 

The game is powered by Flash technology to make it compatible with the latest browsers.

Neon Race

Race through futuristic landscapes in your neon car. Use the money you earn to buy upgrades. 

This is an awesome car game that you can enjoy on CrazyGames.com in your browser, for free. Neon Race 2 has received 20,426 plays and has received appreciable reviews. 

Neon Race 2 is powered by Flash to run flawlessly in modern browsers.

(7) Hacked Multiplayer Games


A multiplayer game is genre where a game can be played by two players or more than two, and these games can be played independently or with opponents and teams. Multiplayer mode games can be split screen in which the multiple gamers play the same game at the same time on the same system, or they may play on different systems connected to a single LAN or Internet game server.

Top 5 Hacked Online Multiplayer Games

Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes is a massively multiplayer role playing game in which you can team up with your online friends and explore regions and fight against enemies. 

It features nearly 40 enemies, hundreds of different weapons, helmets, armor, and accessories. You can choose between being a warrior, archer, wizard, or cowboy.

Kawairun 2

Kawairun 2 is the most loved online multiplayer running game by offering several customization advantages to its players. 

This game is totally about breaking barrels and sliding under pianos dressed as a chicken that poops rainbows and wears an octopus as a hat? 

Now, what’s stopping you, Go for it and take the battle.

Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a Flash game for one or two players in which a couple of tanks will face each other in a maze and will try to eliminate the opponents. 

The game has two multiplayer modes, for two or three people that will make you trip into the maze a lot more interesting.

Start playing this game right away to get unlimited entertainment and fun. 

Battle Cry

Battle Cry is a board wargame based on the American Civil War, designed by Richard Borg and published by Avalon Hill in 2000.  

The game manual includes fifteen official scenarios (battles) and Avalon Hill published three extra scenarios, called The Jackson Campaign, for the Origins 2000 and Gen Con 2000 conventions.


Slay.one is a fast-paced top-down multiplayer shooter with many exciting PVP and Co-op game modes. 

Select from a range of different weapons, abilities and characters, fight with other players online. 

Fast-paced online action! Secure dedicated server. Many game modes such as Infection, Team CTF, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and more.

(8) Hacked Shooter Games


The basic concept of a shooter game is to knockdown the opponents and accomplish all the given missions without the player character being killed or dying in opponents hands. Shooting games test attention, speed & reflexes of a player. One needs to be very cautious to get a good result in these games. Shooter games also has many sub-genres and these games have multiplayer option.

Top 5 Hacked Online Shooter Games

Strike Force Heroes 3

Lead your strike force soldiers to yet another victory in each of the many challenging missions of Strike Force Heroes 3. 

This newest edition includes 60 missions, customizable weapons and squats.Hacked free games Strike Force Heroes 3 is the massive sequel you have been waiting for. 

Strike force Heroes 3 is developed by Sky9 Games, a Canadian studio who have also developed other smash hits such as the Raze games

Madness: Project Nexus

MADNESS: Project Nexus is a third-person Run n’ Gun-slash-Beat Em Up filled with arcade-style action and button-mashing brutality. 

Train your custom Madness combatant for the endless trials of Arena Mode, building weapons from your own sick imagination to get through just one more wave of deranged assailants.

Why are you waiting? start playing this one, Now!

Alien Attack Team

Aliens have assaulted Earth so it’s up to you to assemble your squad and defend the human race with your alien attack team.

Take on the extraterrestrial threat with an armoury of weapons, massive Mechs and complete missions in space. 

Unlock new weapons and armour and kit out your Mech with explosive force. Choose from multiple difficulties or take on a new challenge online with multiplayer.

Stick Squad

Stick Squad is a FREE stickman shooter game with awesome sniping missions. The game features an appealing story line, with our two anti-heroes Damien Walker (Recruit Tactical Sniper) & Ron Hawkins (Veteran assault specialist). 

Real fans of stick sniper games will love this free shooting game.

Players will get more than 60 shooting objectives along with 20 stunning maps. After successfully completing your missions you will be rewarded with in-game cash money.

Tower Droids 2

Tower Droids 2 is a high-quality flying games game. It can be played on this page. The game uses Flash to work smoothly in modern browsers. 

Tower Droids 2 has received 5,687 plays and has been rated 9.1 / 10 by 43 people. Did you like playing this shooting game? 

Then you should definitely go for the other flying games or Air Wings like Missile Attack and Duck Life 4.

(9) Hacked Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

Puzzle video games are one of a kind in video games. These games entertain and enlightens the players with interesting and knowledge based games. This genre totally deals with solving puzzles in a specific time period. Puzzle games includes problem-solving skills, reasoning, logical thinking, sequence solving, and word building. In some games players will get unlimited time and several lives to complete a puzzle.

Top 5 Hacked Online Puzzle Games

Cut The Rope

Children love this game very much because of its attractive graphics and the amount of entertainment it gives. 

The objective of the Cut the Rope games is to feed candy to a little green creature named Om Nom while collecting stars.

Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 600 million times and had surpassed over a billion downloads by 2018.

Doodle God 2

Doodle God 2 developed by JoyBits Ltd features improved reactions set, tons of funny quotes, two additional episodes of gameplay and updated graphics. 

The ultimate World Creation experience work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond.

Experience the realistic features of this game by playing right away, Now!

Ninja Sequence

The Ninja Sequence is one of the most popular hacked puzzle games.The rules of ninja are simple, and have only a few pivotal rules for play. 

In a game, players will stand in a circle, and place their hands together, the player leading the game will say “Bow to your sensei”. 

There, the countdown begins, and each player must strike a pose.


Drag and drop tiles from the selection area onto the stage to complete a ball’s path. Get all balls to their goals to complete each stage. 

Moir has 30 stages to finish and the player has to complete 10 Achievements and the results can be shared with friends. The minimum file size should be 500kb.

Under 500kb so it will load immediately for almost any user

Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prizma Puzzle Challenges is a new tile-based puzzler with the smooth and addicting gameplay, the fabulously 3D rendered graphics and excellent music. 

Try to complete all 8 zones with 40 levels and a lot of achievements! Use the mouse to click on a start node. Click on contiguous nodes to create your path.

(10) Hacked Strategy Games


A strategy game one of the genres in video games and in this category the players’ are not pressurized , and sometimes makes autonomous decision and these play a major role in the outcome of the game. Almost all strategy games need potential to make decision in a swift manner and in a correct way, and most importantly players should possess very high spontaneity.

Top 5 Hacked Online Strategy Games


Jacksmith is the craftiest donkey in all the land. In Jacksmith, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors.

Whether it’s swords, bows, arrows, axes, or other things, you’ll need skills and strategy to make the perfect weapon.

This game is updated by its developers regularly.


Takeover is actually a mixture of Defense Game and real time strategy. Three kingdoms fight for supremacy on an abandoned island. 

Therefore, the player has to build cities, improve them and should form great armies to fight the battle. The players task is to be one of the three leaders and try your very best. 

Why are you waiting? start playing this one, Now!

Royal Warfare 2

The Black Order had brought chaos to the land and it’s your responsibility to keep it in order. You need to fight them by hiring soldiers. Complete all the missions, collect stars and golds for upgrades, unlock all the achievements and finish the campaign.

Royal Squad

In Royal Squad you have to use your best strategy skills to position your squad members! Make the most of their unique capabilities and battle armies of soldiers! 

Upgrade the swords, arrows, traps, spells to become stronger and stronger.

Royal Squad is developed by Red Pallete Games.


Fight with your opponents when it is your turn. Modify your weapons to increase their power so that you could play throughout the game. This game is really exciting.

You can play this game at several online websites and it is absolutely free. As Renegades is loved by everyone, it has been played by 14,986 people and has been rated 8.8 out of 10 by 279 people. 

This epic action game is made with Flash technology to run fast in modern browsers.

(11) Hacked Adventure Games


Adventure games is the most popular genre in video games and here player imagines himself as a protagonist in a story or puzzle solving. In order to do this the player has to go through several adventures. Most of the adventure games (text and graphics) are developed or designed for an individual play mode, since this category  totally relies on storytelling and character designing, so it’s difficult to find multiplayer adventure games.

Top 5 Hacked Online Adventure Games

Finn and Bones

Finn & Bones is the most popular game on the Cartoon Network website. In this game the player plays as Finn to save Jake from the underworld.

Finn starts his journey with just a couple of items but as he passes each level he will three more items.  

As the player gets hold of items, he has the power to combine the items to get new items.

Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a 2D version of Minecraft in Flash. Mine the resources. And design your materials, build your castle. 

Explore the unknown lands and fight with the creepers, enter the nether, discuss with with endermen. And, finally defeat the ender dragon.

This game is available in many online sites and you can download the hacked version of this game from AC Market. 

Pirateers 2

In this game you have to take the role of a pirate captain – and you have to make your crew along with some cannons, sail your ship and start your voyage to find the treasure.  

You can change the look of you and your ship, this upgrade helps the ship to move faster, and makes it stronger and fiercer. 


The main character is a wanderer and he does not have a shadow. He has no idea about his past but one day he heard that the nefarious Queen of Shadows takes them from those that she recruits to do her bidding. 

Gather all the loot, gamble and level up your character to improve your chances in defeating the Queen’s minion side in order to know the truth and where your shadow is. 


In this game the player plays a role of a space explorer looking for discoveries and adventures. Unfortunately his ship has been damaged and crash landed on an unknown planet.

The task is to explore and make effective use of surroundings to repair the pace ship and continue the journey.

You have to finish the game real fast to beat others and submit your time.

(12) Hacked Unblocked Games?

We all are aware of the fact that there are some games and websites that are blocked by the school authorities or office administrators, there is a reasonable justification for this, authorities block games to keep the concentration of students or employees doing their jobs in the office would not get distracted from their real work. Unblocked games are the games that can be played anywhere within school, office, etc. 

(13) What are Pre-Hacked Games?

Pre-hacked games are the games where the developers of the game themselves add chests in the game in order to increase the curiosity in gamers. There are many popular pre-hacked games and one of the most popular among them is GTA Vice City. It becomes very interesting for players to know the hidden cheats in the games and execute them to get unique features of the game.

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. Usage of Bots
  3. Alternation Of Running Time Game Data
  4. Code Injection
  5. Saved Game Editors
  6. Network Traffic Duplication
  7. Irregular Effects
  8. World Hacking
  9. Implementation Of Cheats
  10. Anti-Cheating Methods
  11. Harm-Free Hacking For Profits
  12. Cons Of Game Hacking
  13. How To Protect Yourself From Hackers?

(1) Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are of several types among them, the most basic type is one created by the game developers and kept it secretly within the game itself, this will give some sort of irregular results that are not part of the regular gameplay.

In general, Cheat codes are activated by entering secret keywords or by striking certain keys in a specific pattern.

There are few common and popularly known activation methods of cheat codes and some of them are entering high score names, pressing specific keys or buttons at the time of dying, grabbing or picking up items in a particular order and otherwise performing intuitive actions.

There are few pre hacked games that offer a debug comfort that can be used to edit certain elements present in the game. these effects might be unlocking a character or improving performance of the character, for example, giving a regular car higher acceleration, or they can be offering unlimited money, ammunition, entering god mode or no clip mode, or just visual gags without any particular reason, like “Tutu Qwark” in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Unlike other cheating methods, cheat codes are executed by the game developers themselves, often as a tool to test a few aspects of the game to know how well they are functioning.

(2) Usage of Bots

In several online hacked games, the usage of bots (robots) is a common thing and these bots has the potential to do stunts and actions that are similar to human behavior.

These bots can be used in several gaming aspects. The functioning of bots rely on the type of game and the requirements of the player, but there’s one thing that always remains constant about bots is that they’re frowned upon.

Honestly speaking, there is always a good reason to use them. Whether we’re discussing a shooter bot on an FPS (First Person Shooter) or a more tangled farming bot on a MMO (Mass Multiplayer Online Game), whatever their function is they are created the same way.

(3) Alteration of Runtime Game Data

To manipulate the data o cheat in the game can be done easily just by altering the game’s data while it is running. however, these methods are less reliable compared to cheat codes included in a game by its developers. 

This is because of the reason that there are few programming styles or peculiarities in internal game logic, releasing the same game in different versions, or even playibg the same game at different periods of time or on different hardware, may result in different memory usage and hence the trainer program might have no effect, or stop the game from running altogether.

Changing the data of the game usually creates a violation in software license conscience that forbids modifying the program at all.

(4) Code Injection

Code injection is completely different from memory editing, its function is to improve or change the game’s original code while it is on a run, and this is done with the help of POKE commands. 

In the case of Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum computer, a renowned cheat involved substituting a Z80 command DEC (HL) in the program with a NOP, actively offering extra lives to players.

If you Microsoft Windows user then the most general kind of video game hacking is done through the use of DLLs, then use a third-party program to inject the DLL into their game of choice.

(5) Saved Game Editors

Editing a saved game offers an indirect way to modify game data. By modifying a file in persistent storage, it is possible to effectively modify the run time game data that will be restored when the game attempts to load the save game.

Hex editors were the most basic means of editing saved game files (e.g. to give the player a large sum of money in strategy games such as Dune II). 

However, as happened with game editors, dedicated game-editing utilities soon became available, including functions to effortlessly edit saved data for specific games, rendering hex editing largely obsolete for this purpose.

If a saved game is stored in multiple files, it may also be possible to cheat simply by mixing and matching these files. 

For example, if one file represents the items in a treasure chest, while another represents the player’s inventory, then the player can save the game before and after picking up an item from the chest, and continue to play using the treasure chest file before the item was picked up, and the inventory file from afterward.

(6) Network Traffic Duplication

A similar method for cheating in online games involves editing packets to modify outbound network traffic, thus affecting the state of the game. 

Although this was more common in the past, modern hacked games online are developed with robustness against network and packet modifications, and the terms of service for most hacked online games unblocked explicitly forbid this form of cheating.

(7) Irregular Effects

Cheat codes may sometimes produce unusual or interesting effects that don’t necessarily make the game easier to play. For example, one cheat in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis makes dinosaurs appear “undead”. 

Another example occurs in the game Dungeon Siege, where activating the cheat to extend the range of a bow also allows the enemies to fire at the same distance, thereby eliminating the advantage the cheat would have given. 

A cheat may even make the game harder to play; for instance, one could give the enemy special abilities, increase general difficulty, make neutral bystanders attack the player or grant the player a disadvantage such as low health points. Cheats in Grand Theft Auto games can make NPCs start rioting or wield weapons. In Grand Theft Auto III, the player can activate a cheat to enable blowing off the limbs of NPCs, a feature originally included in the game. 

Recently, however, Rockstar Games has not included such violent or unusual cheat codes in its games, instead choosing to focus on cheats such as vehicle spawns, player effects (for example, invincibility) and weapon spawns.

Some fun hacked games for android humorously penalize the player for using another game’s cheat codes. For example, using cheat codes from Doom in Descent only displays sarcastic messages from the programmers on screen; using codes from Descent in its sequel Descent II lowers the player’s shields and energy to 1%.

Codes from Doom used in Heretic give the opposite of the desired effect, such as instant death instead of invulnerability or stripping weapons instead of providing them. The original Doom’s “god mode” code “IDDQD” is non-functional in Doom 3, but produces a console message: “Your memory serves you well.”

Other codes make purely cosmetic changes—for example, to what the player character is wearing—but do not enhance the progress of the game. Most of the Grand Theft Auto games have a code to change the player character into an NPC. Other peculiar cheats may invoke “big-head mode” (GoldenEye 007), replace weapons with other objects, or change the colors of characters.

Easter eggs are a related feature. Although such hidden content has no impact on gameplay, these ‘eggs’ can be found in many hack games and may hint at future games in a series or give more information on a topic. Some easter eggs can only be found by cheating commands such as no-clip mode.

(8) Hacking Across The World

World-hacking is a method or third-party program that enables a user to exploit bugs and to view more of a level than intended by the developer.

A common aspect of real-time strategy hacked games download is the player’s partial limitation or complete inability to see beyond the visibility range of individual game objects that are under their ownership (typically units and structures); this concept is controlled by a mechanism known as the fog of war. 

World-hacking usually enables the user to bypass this mechanism, either by removing it entirely and/or by rendering objects through the fog that would not normally be visible. In multiplayer modes, this allows for a distinct advantage against the other players who are subject to the intended settings. 

The advantage gained can be substantial, especially for the average real-time strategy games that rely on the rock-paper-scissors dynamic to balance out individual objects’ varying strengths and weaknesses.

World-hacking may also allow a player to see through solid or opaque objects and/or manipulate or remove textures, to know in advance when an opponent is about to come into targeting range from an occluded area. 

This can be done by making wall textures transparent or modifying the game maps to insert polygonal holes into otherwise solid walls. This variation is commonly known as a “wallhack” since it basically allows the player to see enemies through walls.

World-hacking relies on the fact that an FPS server usually sends raw positional information for all players in the game, and leaves it up to the client’s 3D renderer to hide opponents behind walls, in plant foliage, or in dark shadows. 

If the game map rendering could be turned off completely, all players could be seen moving around in what appears to be empty space. Complete map hiding offers no advantage to a cheater as they would be unable to navigate the invisible map pathways and obstacles. 

However, if only certain surfaces are made transparent or removed, this leaves just enough of an outline of the world to allow the cheater still to navigate it easily.

ASUS released wire frame display drivers in 2001 that enabled players to use wallhacks, announcing the settings as “special weapons” that users could employ in multiplayer games. In a poll by the Online Gamers Association, 90% of its members were against the release of the drivers.

(9) Implementation of Cheats

Changing GameCode 

Many cheats are implemented by modifying game software, despite EULAs which forbid modification. While game software distributed in binary-only versions makes it harder to modify code, reverse engineering is possible. Also, game data files can be edited separately from the main program and thereby circumvent protections implemented in software.

Modifying System Software 

Rather than modifying the game code (which the game itself or a 3rd-party protection system may detect), some cheats modify underlying system components. An example of this is graphics driver modifications that ignore depth checking and draw all objects on the screen—a primitive wallhack. System or driver modification is harder to detect, as there are a large number of system drivers that differ from user to user.

Packet Interception, Meddling & Manipulation

The security of game software can be circumvented by intercepting and/or manipulating data in real-time while in transit from the client to the server or vice versa (i.e. a man-in-the-middle attack). 

Interception can be passive or result in active manipulation; either method[vague][ambiguous] can be performed on the client machine itself or via an external communication proxy; some aim bots incorporate this method.

(10) Anti-cheating Methods

There are many facets of cheating in online games that make the creation of a system to stop cheating very difficult; however, game developers and third-party software developers have created or are developing technologies that attempt to prevent cheating. 

Such countermeasures are commonly used in video games, with notable anti-cheat software being GameGuard, PunkBuster, Valve Anti-Cheat (specifically used on games on the Steam platform),[citation needed] and EasyAntiCheat.

Prohibition of Players

Some companies and leagues ban suspected cheaters by blacklisting specific installation or serial keys, or user accounts, meaning that the player is effectively prevented from playing the game online.

Some game publishers may decide to try and permanently ban players who are persistent in cheating and ruining the game community. Such bans are typically placed based on hardware ID or IP address. 

Consequently, cheaters may develop ways of getting around these bans, by either playing through proxy or VPN servers or spoofing or changing their hardware configuration.

Secured Server Design

Generally, the better the server is at enforcing the rules, the less of a problem cheating will be in the game. In this approach, all client functionality either runs purely on the game server or alternatively, the game server mirrors the client game play and continuously validates the game state. 

In many mobile games, it is a common practice to run the client game sessions synchronously on the server, using exactly the same user input. The client session is reset when the game sessions become unsynced, thereby preventing cheating.

The server-side game code makes a trade-off between calculating and sending results for display on a just-in-time basis or trusting the client to calculate and display the results in the appropriate sequence as a player progresses. 

It can do this by sending the parts of the world state needed for immediate display, which can result in client lag under bandwidth constraints, or sending the player the entire world state, which results in faster display for the player under the same bandwidth constraints, but exposes that data to interception or manipulation—a trade-off between security and efficiency.

When game servers were restricted by limited available resources such as storage, memory, internal bandwidth, and computational capacity due to the technologies available and the cost of the hardware, coupled with internet connections that were slow, it was believed to be necessary to compromise on security for optimization to minimize the impact on the end-user. 

Today, however, with the increased speed and power of multi-core computers, lower-priced hardware, and the increased availability of broadband internet, this has become less of an issue.

Software Obfuscation

Additionally to storing data in non-standard formats, some games also utilize run time protection through software protectors. The key target is to keep attackers from directly inspecting or modifying compiled software. Protectors utilize either of three methods to protect software.

Encryption solutions will encrypt the code instructions and typically use a multi-layered defense mechanism against any reversing or tampering attempts that target the decryption code directly. 

Most protection systems in this category encrypt the code and then decrypt it at the application’s startup or during run time. This is the moment at which an attacker will break point, reverse, and inject custom code. Run time decryption may also add significant processing overhead and lower the game’s frame rate. 

Alternatively, some solutions focus on obfuscating the code by inserting jump statements and seemingly random instruction paths. The final and strongest alternative is virtualization.

In this approach, the encrypted code runs on a virtual CPU that can be markedly different from generic x86 and x64 CPUs as the command set can be unique for each protected file.

The shared weakness of protectors and visualizers is that they impact performance, either by requiring decryption or by introducing unnecessary CPU instructions. To reduce the overhead code visualizers are often only used to secure the critical parts of the code base, such as those interfacing with the game state and rendering.

Player Supervision

Spectator functionality can allow server administrators to monitor individual players and thereby determine whether or not a cheat is in place. 

One risk of the spectator mode is that in competitive matches the spectator could abuse the mode for spying on specific players and communicating player positions and tactics to the opposing team. 

Some games get around this limitation by not allowing spectator mode at all, or by delaying the video feed.

Some games have systematized player supervision by allowing the community to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate. Reports can include data such as screenshots, videos, and chat logs.

(11) Harm-Free Hacking For Profit

Because of the sheer scale of games, there are often insecurities in the code that players or hackers can exploit. Sometimes, this can happen by accident and will only have a real impact on the player themselves, like this glitch that creates unlimited blood echoes in Blood borne.

However, with multiplayer games, these sorts of glitches can become a source of real revenue.

This hacker has found exploits in Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games for years, living off of the revenue. He started playing Ultima Online and found a way to delete people’s houses, take over their lots and build more houses.

One day, he did this and built a castle that he went to sell on eBay, picking up almost $2,000 for his efforts. Of course, this led to a full-time career hacking online games and selling virtual currency, rare items, and real estate. As he called it, he created micro transactions before the developers ever did.

However, he has retired from this profession thanks to the changing face of online gaming. Whereas previously, game developers would make their money from selling games or subscriptions, now they also offer services similar to what the hacker did, letting players pay for more currency, access to better items and more. As a result, our harmless hacker decided to bow out of the industry so that he wasn’t taking food out of the game developers’ mouths.

(12) Disadvantages of Game Hacking

The problem comes now, games are increasingly played online and not all hackers are simply looking to exploit game systems.

Many are actively looking to hack and take over other players’ accounts. But it usually isn’t anything personal, or a way of beating another player, but rather a means of making quick money.

For example, some teens playing Fortnite have confessed to hacking other players’ accounts. Once they have access, they sell off their rare skins or items, with many hackers making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a day from these activities. It is reminiscent of a similar issue that has been in popular games like Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO for years.

(13) How to Protect Yourself From Hackers?

One of the safest and best ways to protect yourself from hackers is by securing your username and password. Every time you visit a site to play games, don’t forget to use a unique password to keep your account safe.

To keep things in control and simple, use a password manager to save your credentials of all the different logins. Whether you let Google or Apple recommend and store passwords for you, or you use a recommended password manager like LastPass, doing so can make it easy to create a secure password everywhere you go.

It’s also worthwhile to change your password every now and then. PlayStation went through a period when it was getting hacked regularly, as did Steam and Xbox. Facebook has leaked tons of information and even the major credit agencies have had insecurities in recent years. 

Whenever you hear about these breaches, log in to your gaming accounts and change the passwords. It won’t take long, but it could protect you in the long run.

And remember, if you get emails or calls asking for your personal information, always assume it’s a scam. Instead of following a link from an email, head to the site yourself in a new tab or window. Be wary. You might end up seeming a little paranoid, but your personal data is worth it.

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