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iFunbox: Let’s Get Started

iFunbox was launched in the year 2008 August, this platform is considered as one of the smoothest and best file management software across the universe for iPhone or any other Apple products. 

Users will have an option to browse and manage their files and directories on their devices like the iPad, iPod Touch on PC in a window and this is similar to windows explorer, this allows all kinds of Apple devices to share files, data and other resources, by making the uploading or exporting movies, music, e-book , Desktop, photos, and applications process easy. 

iFunbox alternative also has the potential to modify your iphone into a USB flash drive for easy file carrying. And all these features and functions can be implemented without jailbreak.

What does iFunbox do?

Checkout the 9 Benefits of iFunbox no virus , before you download.

Controls iPhone / iPad file system

Organizing and managing files on iPhone / iPad in a window is same as managing files in windows explorer, but iFunbox offers more effective features and more user friendly interface. 

This helps in transferring files and folders from your device to a computer with the premier file transfer and browsing methods. It is compatible with iOS10.

  1. This platform offers directory navigation, and allows you to upload and download.
  2. It offers fast browsing, one-click dragging feature.
  3. Unwanted files or folders can be deleted with just one-click , and the files can be renamed.t
  4. Totally compatible with easy Chinese / long file names.

One-stop App installation and backup

iFunbox allows simplifies the .ipa installation package safely and quickly. Premium applications can be installed on your device for free without the need of jailbreaking. 

Users can also install unofficial or unsigned applications with the help of AppSync. The restoring of ifunbox apps becomes easy on your device to an .ipa file for smooth transfer and successive reinstallation. This platform helps in easy and suitable installation and uninstall of apps in batches.

iOS Application and Game Management

  1. This allows you to Install and uninstall apps in just one click.
  2. Users will have an option to restore App to .ipa file.
  3. Will help users in installing unsigned .ipa files.
  4. Users will get an option of quick app list preview.

Gives users Fast universal file access

Users can turn transform their devices into a massive U disk! Taking help of the extensive-capacity flash memory of the iPhone / iPad and the optimized file sharing feature, the sharing speed on the device reaches to 15MB per second.

  1. It gives real-time progress display.
  2. Exclusively optimized speed transmission.
  3. Scheduled data sharing system.
  4. It is perfectly suitable for infinite subdirectories.

No jailbreak access to application sandbox

By accessing the App sandbox, users can be able to back up and transfer internal files of the App, like game advancements files and internal customization of the App

Users will also have the feature to bypass the iPod and transfer video files directly to third-party players such as “OPlayer HD”. Or users can instantly download the files generated in the app (like “Numbers “) to your PC.

Fun with all user applications

  1. For this users need not to jailbreak their device.
  2. Backup/transfer application-produced data.
  3. Upload PDF files, Word documents, videos, and other files for viewing or playback.

Wallpaper function

Thumbnail preview is a very easy way to organize your desktop wallpaper, and this helps in covering all other folders along with other device albums. 

At the same time, it is also easier and faster to selectively delete photos in albums, replace resource pictures, and so on.

Batch upload wallpapers

  1. This allows you to watch image thumbnail preview.
  2. It gives an option of batch upload and conversion.
  3. Users can also change the image resolution.
  4. Supports high-quality image scaling

Export music and videos from iPhone / iPod

This gives an option to export all the music and videos purchased and downloaded in iTunes from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer for backup copies or burned to CD. 

Even when iTunes is unable to connect with Apple devices, iFunbox downloader has a considerable chance to scan and export audio and video files.

One-click backup of iPod music and videos

  1. Users will get access to browse through all media files controlled by iTunes.
  2. This helps in recovering music and videos from your device.
  3. It also helps in Exporting files from iPad / iPhone.
  4. Automatically convert to friendly file names when exporting.

iFunbox Features

(1) Manage multimedia files

With the help of fast function entrance iFunbox android easily controls mobile phone ringtones, photos, music, equipment applications, video and voice memos, and also a few multimedia files on your look.

(2) iOS root file system

iFunboxios assists its users to get done easily with the jailbreak of iOS device, root file system helps in increasing the browsing speed, allows you to look at file preview instantly and also helps you in searching files at a fast pace, you can customize the SpringBoard Desktop Theme.

(3) General Storage

When you look into the menu of iFunbox in their you will find “my device” or “toolbox”, in which you will find a folder called “mobile hard disk” that supports files of any type and size.

(4) USB Tunnel

Similar to the iPhone USB Tunnel Suite, USB Tunneling maps opening TCP ports on iDevices to PC, which enables windows program on PC linking them together for communication purposes.

(5) Install iOS Apps from IPA package

iFunbox enables its users to install IPA packages with the help of in-house distribution, and this is developed using Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program. It also help you in installing *.ipa files archived from an App under development.

(6) Explore Data in the App Sandbox

iOS apps store data in its sandbox for saving information like user account, chat history, saved games, in-app purchase and etc. 

iFunbox offers an easy way to alter data to erase the track of usage, backup messages of chats, cheat games.

(7) iFunbox Store

To make things simpler the users have classified iFunbox-Store into “application store” and “game center” two modules,iFunbox-Store totally concentrates on users favorite games or the apps they search the most or use the most in the application bar, this process is executed to suggest more new, strange, special application for users.

We all know that there are some stunning applications out there in the market but due to the lack of advertising and promotion, developers find it difficult to launch them in public platforms, and here iFunbox becomes handy in finding all these applications, and discloses them in front of the public. 

iFUnbox recommends its applications in 34 countries. 

Customer Support

iFunbox’s customer support works very effectively and always tries to solve the issues and queries of users.

To contact iFunbox, users can mail their query or feedback at ifunbox@appholly.com


By looking at all the above discussed ifunbox review we can easily say that download iFunbox is one of the best app providing platforms for iOS devices.

It has several beneficial factors to grab the attention of users, it offers so many unique features and all these features helps in enhancing the performance of his/her device.

One more important thing to keep in mind is that this does not require jailbreak.

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