Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our privacy policy gives a complete picture on how uses and protects user data. It specifies all the information we collect from users like, how we are using users personal data, the available options on our site for providing users the best application with best ratings, and also information about how to manage users privacy and cookie policy.

Ac market is well committed to protecting consumer policy online. We ultimately believe that protecting user data online will not only secure their personal data but also increases confidence and eliminates all kinds of fear to participate in all online activities.

The main purpose of our privacy policy is to inform users of all the detailed information which we have gathered about them while visiting our website, how we are using users information, whether we are maintaining user data confidencial or not and also considers user choices in using their data. provides amazing offers to its visitors, the main advantage here is we provide an personalized and interactive experience.

Information about the Application

We generally collect information from all the possible ways in order to give the best review about the application. Ac market has become the most fan favorite application for billions of people across the world. It can be downloaded in your smartphones, tablets, laptops and also on your PC’s. can be accessed on any of your desired devices.



We ( are not the original application holders. We are just a third party website supporting acmarket application. We provide complete third party companies to accept our privacy and cookie policies. We collect information through search terms, parameters and click-through by the user. We use this gathering data to improve and ensure that we are providing the best content to our users.


Security and Accuracy

We ultimately protect users personal information and maintain its accuracy. Acmarket provides best apps at a zero cost and ensures outstanding customer support. The privacy policy will be applied to our online activities ie., to download the best alternative and enjoy all games and apps for free. This policy is not applicable for information collected offline or via media channels. can be accessed by children above 13 years of age.


Cookies Policy

Cookies are compact files which are stored on smartphones, laptops, tablets and PC’s. They cannot transfer or store any kind of viruses on users devices. Amazing thing here is that a user has a choice whether to accept the cookies or not. In case, if the user doesn’t accept the cookies he may not get ultimate user experience. Some online browsers will automatically accept the cookies but if a user wants to disable them there are some instructions to be followed for most popular browsers like:

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome



Mozilla FireFox